Monday, May 7, 2012

Form and Focus

Crazy practice yesterday!

Ok, anyone who has been throwing with knows my opinion about the sheaf....basically:


Well, yesterday there were a couple of new people so Chuck was going over some sheaf basics, along with showing a couple of different forms. One of them is nicknamed Colorado...I guess throwers up there use it. Now I have seen people play with this form before, but it looked a little crazy to me so I don't think I ever tried it.


As I was watching Chuck, I realized that this particular form more closely matched how I throw Weight over utilizes my giant butt in a more direct way. So I try it. As usual...I kinda throw Sheaf for wasn't way over to the right. I try it a couple of times.

Hot Damn.....It goes over the center of the bar. It doesn't feel like a goes higher.


Feels like an easy 20'...

OBVIOUSLY, there is more to figure out on this form, but I don't struggle with it like I do the more traditional throw. More lessons here about finding the right way for your body to move.

I do feel a little crazy though, is only 2 weeks before the Rio Grande Games and only 3 weeks 'til South Carolina. I am changing form now? really? YES! may as well...

I also worked on my Weight over Bar form...worked on keeping my knees loose as the bar got works. I am sure I will have to keep working on this, but it felt really really good this weekend.

If only I could find my hammer form again. I can't even practice this week..I um...broke my hammer AGAIN.

Today's Workout:
Back Squats:
45lbs x10
75lbs x10
105. x10
135lbs. 3x5

Then 5x5 dead lifts.

This part was funny...I started at 145,185, 225, 245 then finished at 265.

Or so I thought. Turns out I completely screwed up the math and I started higher.....and finished higher. Hell, I was very happy with the 265 for 5 reps, but the trainer came over looked at me and said, "No, I think you finished at 295." I may have laughed and said no way....then he walked me though the plates (he had helped me clear my bar). Um, well... He is right...295.
I told him that is really close to my one rep max, no wonder my eyes felt like they were gonna pop out of my head.

Wow. 5 reps at 295.

Then he says....we'll get you higher.

Hmmm, something strikes me here: obviously my little brain didn't get in the way of my lifting so heavy, since I had no idea what I was even lifting.

I had fun too. One of the guys came over to me during my last lift and whipped his belt off and asked if I wanted to use it. I said no, I have never used one before. Well, there is no time like the present...try it. So he strapped me in, which was a little weird, but dang, I think it helped.

Cool couple of days... Lots of form, lots of lifts, and loads of fun too.

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