Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I thought after I got through this past week...2 graduations, 2 Highland Competitions that I might have something to talk about on this here old blog...but I really find myself at a loss for words. 

Two things I walked away with:
Change is always happening.
There is always more to learn.

At rio grande I walked away with 2 pr's and an epic failure in hammers. In, South Carolina, I walked away with 2 pr's (one of them in hammers), an epic failure in heavy weight for distance and to my shock and surprise, I took 3rd.

I saw ~again~ how much one's mind plays into performance.  It is not everything, but it can be huge. The big lesson for me was during Heavy Weight for Distance...I could not move my body...I was not letting the weight move me...and I nearly fell...all three throws. It was literally the WORST I have thrown this event.  Pierre was cranky and kept trying to remind me to let it go, let it go.  The next event was, of course, light weight for distance....I took a breath, laughed at myself...and um...threw really close to my pr.  I took second in the event.

I know I have so so much to much to train and lift this year....but this week, I am just gonna clean my house and go to some CrossFit classes.  Next week, I'll figure out what the training plan is.

Today...  I have some overhead squats, rowing, running, thrusters, and burpees to do.

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