Thursday, March 13, 2014

updates and Deadlifts.

......let's see,  Got an all super duper clear from the new doc.

She seems good...she knew my old doc...she was also very open to listening to what I do and how I train....

She's not Musgrave, but I'll give her a shot.

Yes,  I went to the gym yesterday...and today at noon.  Today was drills and well laziness.  Did talk to BJ about my conversation with Will about testing one rep maxes again.  I am working off of numbers that probably have nothing to do with reality anymore.  And no...sadly I am NOT stronger...I know I have lost strength.

This drill I am doing with the "contrarians" is challenging, but I am looking forward to seeing how it translates into throws.  I'll throw this Sunday in ABQ.... I swear to getting upset anymore.  No bemoaning how I threw last year....

I was reminded AGAIN last night that it is something to be proud of that I have not given up through all of the challenges.  Not sure I fully buy into that, old voices die hard after all, but I am working on hearing the new voices. Hell, that sounds shitty doesn't it...I am not looking for a "Participation ribbon," just trying...I don't even know...trying.

Oh yesterday...

3x2 Push press  @95
3x1 deadlift      @305

The deads didn't feel too bad....I was surprised after being so sick.

My neck is giving me trouble again...shocking.

Rehearsals are kicking up damn I love Rod....just there is so hard and he is so inspiring.

Oh games in a week an a half too....hahahaha...

This blog is like a dog chasing a squirrel today!   Yikes.

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