Monday, March 31, 2014

Accidental Crossfit

As I think I mentioned, the next two weeks are gonna be one rep max days at Zia.  So I go in today...thinking maybe I'll lift and then bail, cause I am angry and frustrated and well, a little more than god damn lazy.

I wander over the the warm up..well, it sorta looks fun, one of those "stations" sorts of things.  Ok FINE...

Then we do a little hip mobility.  I ask Leo if he wants to lift with me...I really don't like lifting alone.

275  ( this feels pretty good!)
305...wheeeeeee...I get it.  and you know it did not feel like my spine was ripping away from my back.

I load to 325...but I bail at the bottom.  I think I gave up on myself.  I wish I could yell in my head the things I say to others as I lift.

Is 305 a 330 is...but you know, it's only 25 off...but I have to admit I am disappointed.  Crazy right?  I still am holding on to that 300+ mark....but it is that feeling of standing still. or holding on to "what I used to do" instead of making progress.  The goal for these 2 weeks is to simply understand where I am now...that's it.

Maybe I let this be a PR for 2014 and see if I can gain anything this year.

I also have a bunch more lifts to go through, many which will be much much more sucktacular than my back squat....I think I will ask for more help as I lift the next two weeks as well....I need more of a push.

so...did I leave?


I accidentally gathered the stuff I needed for the workout. 

Overhead walking lunges 25 pounds
10 Slam Balls
15 Sit ups.
8 Minutes

I grab the 12 pound ball and Patsy teases me to use the 40 pounder.  I have never used the 40 pounder I try sucks so~I use it.  To say I was slow is an understatement...but I did slam balls with a 40 pound ball.

That is how you accidentally do come into class and someone like Patsy and Beth and Erin ask if you are gonna do you do.

I was in a set of sit ups, know 'cause I freaking SUCK; when Will wanders over and gives me a warning about my behavior, as he cracks a smile.

Told ya they are gonna kick me out someday...


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