Monday, March 10, 2014


yeah yeah...

back in the gym again today.

I did workout last Thursday, sorta...but I was too tired to do it again Friday....BUT I went Saturday.  Which also happened to be at the same time that many folks were doing the CrossFit open workout 14.2.

Workout 14.2

Every 3 minutes for as long as possible complete:
From 0:00-3:00
   2 rounds of:
   10 overhead squats
   10 chest-to-bar pull-ups
From 3:00-6:00
   2 rounds of:
   12 overhead squats
   12 chest-to-bar pull-ups
From 6:00-9:00
   2 rounds of:
   14 overhead squats
   14 chest-to-bar pull-ups
Etc., following same pattern until you fail to complete both rounds

As a non open sort of person in the gym, I thought this one was years past they seemed to make the workouts more accessible in the first 4 know that whole, "everyone can do this" sort of thing...then workouts 5 & 6 are crazy and make you look at that "elite" label with a squinty eye.  This one really seemed terrible.  Producing tears...torn hands...and frustrated yelling. I don't think most people made it out of the first round.  Even so, what I really saw at Zia during this *cough cough* ridiculous workout was the best of what Crossfit can be....the support.

Makes me miss the crazy stupid tear producing shit....


and as for me?  Well, as I am 2 weeks out from a competition, I am on a light and speedy portion of my lifting, which coming off two weeks of barely moving seems to be just the ticket so to speak. 

3x2 Back squats  @235
3x2 Bench press @ 95

Did some line drills with the weight for distance and hammer winds too.

It is a beautiful day...I may try to throw some implements in the trunk and throw a couple things for real...

Bigger news...I am checking out a new Primary doctor tomorrow~mine moved to Colorado...grrrrrrrr.  I am gonna have them check to make sure this infection is cleared up too...I am stupid paranoid and have not been this interested in body fluids since the kids were infants.

I know...gross.

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