Thursday, March 6, 2014

back at it

Oh yeah...I went back to the gym today.  Oh yeah...I'm gonna kill it.....oh's a heavy squat, one rep max kinda day...look out!

so no...but you guessed that already.  But I did go back to the gym today at noon.

I did a super lazy 1000 meter row. 

Then a bunch of shoulder mobility.

Used a foam roller.

Stuck a lacrosse ball in my hip, my glute, my back....


Silly, it felt good just to be there...see the noon folks....move even a little bit....get my ass covered in dust...

Tomorrow will be a week since I stopped the meds that could cause a problem...and well, I am frankly still tired.  All those nap reps and fever reps and antibiotic reps.  I know I gotta ease back in, so I did.  Tomorrow I may try some throwing drills.  Saturday, I am having a little work done on my neck...hopefully I can get back to lifting in Monday.  Hell, there is no hopefully about it...I will get back to it, even if it is super light.  Then throwing....yeah...throwing. 


I'm in a challenge group on FaceBook for old footwork drills.  This month's drill is complex and I am still so backwards physically that I have to watch the video WHILE I do the drill just to make sense of it.  SIGH.....I am supposed to video myself doing the drill...hahahha.  I might see if I can get Vivi to help with that one.

I am wondering if I can get an AMRAP of napping done today... hmmmm....

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