Monday, March 3, 2014

Post Arnold wrap up

Monday night....fever, chill, body aches......mostly my back.....didn't think much of it as Vivi had been a little sick the last couple of days....I wrap up, chug vitamin c, hit the hay.

Tuesday....more chills...violent chills, fever into the 102 range.....lots of water, vitamin c, sleep...

Wednesday.....well,well...fever gets up to 103.1.  I am mostly watching the ceiling move in odd patterns...I also swear at one point there is a butterfly in the room.  Vivi has been taking extraordinary care of me; making me drink water, taking my temp, bringing me ibuprofen, making me vitamin c when I ask for it..she's a smart cookie, she knew before I did that I was past the cozy blanket and warm tea cure for this flu so she called for some help.  

I reluctantly was taken to urgent care.  

They did a test for the flu.  Have you had one of these? I had not....ew. They take a long q-tip looking thing and put it up your nose.  Far.  For 10 seconds....each nostril.   Ew.  

Um no flu....they also took a urine sample....guess what? Bladder/kidney infection.

I think my mouth dropped open.  I was both relieved and then frankly a little scared.  No wonder I could not get the fever to break. Then my mind drifted to what would have happened if Vivi and Grant had not insisted I go to urgent care. I shake that off, it doesn't matter....because here I am....I'll get some drugs, I'll be better.  

The Physician's Assistant puts me on cipro.

That night the fever only gets to 102, funny one degree can matter....I spend most of Thursday in and out of sleep. In and out of fevers. This was the day I was supposed to fly! 

Friday morning I have a follow up with another PA.  I have a bit more of my brain back so I decide to read the incert I got with my drugs...yeah I can focus and read a little.

Warning: may cause tendon damage.


"Risk is higher in people who are physically active or exercise."

What? I remember telling the PA that night about the games, about lifting...

Eh, probably not a big deal....I mean think about the drug commercials and the long list of warnings.

So I go in. I have some other questions then I ask about the tendon thing...tell the PA what I do.  She blanches.


Well, I would never put someone on that drug if they exercise regularly, much less an athlete.

I really think I told her...

I think she just assumed you weren't because....(she trailed off here)

(I finished her thought) of how I look that I don't work out?

Well, I am on a new drug, well a new 7 day course of an "old" drug.  Sulfa...shit this girl is being treated in the 19the century!  I was too tired to get really mad. Hell, doctors are human, they don't listen sometimes....they have their own set of prejudices like the the rest of us. They sent my "sample" for further testing to make sure I don't have a super bug and to see if the sulfa will will.  

As for the Arnold on Sunday, I had a little pang.  But I think I took 3 naps that day! I missed the ladies of the master class and I was really looking forward to playing with so many throwers I have not met yet. For me, absolutely the right choice to not go. I didn't even make it through a full day of work today.
Hats off to all of you who did the freezing snow.  You are a tenacious bunch of ladies that I am honored to spend time and sweat with.

Props to the lovely Juli for wining!

So....I can't work out for another week, as even two days of that first drug can put you at risk for tendon damage. I'm too tired right now anyway! How then to prep for Women's Worlds?  I was thinking of the Arnold as a great know throwing with killer, kick ass women.  These games are HUGE....and I still shake my head at my invite. This really only gives me 2 weeks to train. 

Oh hell.... I am doing footwork drills and by the end of the week I can start throwing again. How about I simply trust the work I've been doing the last few years and simply be where I am.  That's all I can do really.  Illness or not, it was really all I could ever do. There is a feeling of freedom knowing that I am "not in the running" for these games, pressure is off, no expectations, all I need to do is my best.'s really all we can ever do.....

For some reason, I am reminded of my friend Crow and her yelling these words to me, "be grateful you can move Mona, be grateful you can move."

Injured, sick, emotional....grateful for all of it cause I'm moving.  

Thankful too for Chris, Faith, Lois, Karen, Grant and most especially Vivi for getting me through the last week.

Jeeeez. I am one lucky bitch!

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