Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby steps away from fear,

Okie dokie gym report....yippie.

Last night...Open my programming and it has throwing and back I escaped having to face a WOD again.  I suppose I could have...but I didn''m a baby. 

boo hoo


135  Quick and snappy
185  About the same
205 eh...a lot bit slower...

225  oh, not so bad.
235  What?  why is this killing me!
OK so what to do...235 feels heavy, last week I did all 3 sets at 235.

Oh, listen a voice..

"Oh shut up...just load the fucking bar and stop thinking about it so much."

oh...didn't expect that....ok bitch  260

guess what happened?  up down:up down:up down

ok throwing time, I am avoiding WFD~ so sheaf, some hammer winds...and "stone." The new building has cinder block walls, which means I can actually let a medicine ball fly from my throwing position without denting the wall.  Cool.

The new space is weird, but I am sure I'll get used to it...the saddest thing? Low ceilings. 

Neck felt...ok last night..a little crabby this morning...working the mobility things Paul gave me.


I saw yesterday that my programing had me doing a WOD...Hang Snatches too, but the WOD has been the issue now for over  2 months. So,  I get to the gym...and do my light and snappy hang snatches....focusing on my lazy back.

As the rest of the group is finishing the lifting portion, I find myself looking to Sarah and Kori for some confirmation that I will be ok to try the workout.  It is something that I would have LOVED to do 2 months ago:

2 rounds
1 min tire flips
1 min slam balls
1 min row (calories)
1 min hammer hits
1 min atlas stone ground to shoulder

Sarah always gives me this "quit being a ninny" look, you know in that supportive way she can.  I joked with Kori that today could be the day 'cause there were firefighters and doctors there to save me if I needed it.

I asked Will too...I seriously don't know why he is so nice to me and puts up with my crap, but he does. He suggested I leave out the rowing if I wanted, but I did it anyway.

I didn't go super hard nor did I go for all the heaviest stuff...but I didn't go to the lightest things either...I got all the way through it.  I was breathing heavy at the end....LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. 

Then, I just had to see if I could flip the heavy tire at least once and I did.  I sat for a moment on the couch~checking in with the pulse and checking my breathing.

I feel like I made it over some sort of speed bump today...I also kept my word to myself about getting back to the WODs and well I am writing this so~I didn't die....

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