Monday, May 20, 2013

Throws and expectations.


I finished the games....

That was my main goal this weekend, to see if I can finish games again.  I did have a minor little heart thing start up after lunch.  I think I waited too long to eat and I ate too fast....AND I was worried about it happening.  Thankfully, the lovely Susan Forsythe-Copping was there to check my pulse and assure me that all I needed to do was calm down and breathe and I'd be fine. She also reminded me I had just thrown yeah...

I threw ok in the morning...not my best throws, no PR's and shy of normal numbers for me...but in sheaf I tied for 3rd which is something new...and I stayed calm about it which is also good. 

By the afternoon I was fading and I think that is probably because training has been lacking....well NOT lacking....I had to back off...

I also got to meet lots of new women.  Some beautiful form...Angela and Willow move like few throwers I have ever seen....and I swear I witnessed the birth of a champion.  Erica will probably be throwing with the A class and winning all over the place within a month or two.  She was something to watch. Huge power....huge throws...and she is just working on form.  Once she gets some of the technique down she is gonna be making the Masters proud by giving the top A ladies a run for it.

I have to admit, it was hard to watch someone else take the world record in WOB...but it was cool to see it go down so fast by this beautiful powerhouse.

I think I did ok for where I am at with my health and my life.  I am still proud of the fact that I can hold my own in this group of women, most of whom have always know what it is like to be an athlete. 

Now that I know it *is* possible to finish a games again...I have to have more fun.  Cause the health stuff was keeping me on the edge of panic most of the day.  Thankfully, Laura and Michaela and Petra were there to make me laugh and remember why I love Scottish Games. 

Dammit Laura kills me in the best sorta way....I have to get to Canada this year...

So as for the winners?

Erica & Laura & Michaela 

Huge throwers all. World records's crumbled. 

My numbers?

I ended second in Caber, WOB, Light Hammer and Third in Heavy Hammer and tied third in Sheaf.

Oddly, all the work I have done on WFD disappeared...and stone? I was throwing 5-8 feet short and I took a terrific fall on one of was kinda epic!

But honestly...I was thrilled by Sunday Morning that I did as well as I did.

I am enough.....

(see, I remembered!)

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