Monday, June 10, 2013

Utah wrap up...sorta

Long weekend of driving..and I realized I never wrote anything last week...I could PR on back squat...changes at the gym....goals~thoughts~and worries about the games in Utah.  

I even brought my iPad thinking I should blog as I went or actually write a longish blog..nope didn't happen.

Oh and here is a picture of food I the best sauerkraut I think I have ever had...and you can cover me in a quilt of these pirogi.

Let's see....I had two athletic goals this weekend, make it through the games and have fun.

Frankly...I really had a rough day in ABQ...but what's done is done.

Okie how did it go?  Well Friday started out about a shitty as it it could.....the long drive was both a relief and a surprise.  It ended up about two and a half hours longer than it should have...but I actually slept well, which is a shocker these days. 

We had 7 women in our class and Gretchen threw for the first time since she hurt her proud of her.  We were the old women on the field...which is fun. Unfortunately, I took two pictures and then my camera broke so I don't really have any shots of the fantastic people I was playing with this weekend.

I could break down the events....If I could remember them all....but eh....the main things were....I very nearly cleared 22 again on sheaf...(had the height~wrong spot)  Watched the Birthday girl Stefanie take sheaf...she shot for 25 and almost got there.  I had a weight snap off in my hand and take some skin with it.  We had to find new chains and a handle and the other weight just wasn't as good.  BUT I did hit 60 feet again...whew.  Caber was ok.  Flipped it all 3 times...with one 12 o'clock. Heavy weight?  Killing me...just KILLING me...scratched the first throw....almost everyone scratched the first throw.

Stones were so much better than in ABQ...and Lyman gave a few more  things to work on...specifically weight distribution stuff...awesome.  Watched her hit 38'10" on her open stone.  She said it had been some time, high school I think, since she hit that was AWESOME!  For her extra throws I stood out at 40 trying to get her to hit me....almost...but her first was her best which often happens huh?

WOB...sad...hit the bar at 16' 3" in my head...these games had great announcers wandering the never knew where they were until they started talking about you...I had hit 15'6" and asked them to raise it....I just wanted to try...not really thinking it's a big deal or that I had much of a chance. Well, the way the have the field set up there are stands of the crowd every where....and well there was a bit of a crowd and the announcer comes on over...there was also a pro next to me shooting for 90 feet on LWD so he was moving in between us...I was trying to time my throws so he was watching the pro, but it just got all in my head...and I didn't focus well.

Why can't I get this?

The pro that was cool...I failed, but the crowd was great.  Later the announcer came to me and said..."some day you need to learn how to use the crowd to help you, don't be afraid."

Hammers...weird....they kept breaking.  I am suddenly getting weak on heavy.  I think I have to use my heavy practice hammer for winds instead of my light.  During hammer...I had a bit of a heart event.  Just tried to chill...had fun talking to one of the athlete's parents and relaxed.  We also broke ALL of the women's hammers....I took my final throw on light hammer and there was like a 30 degree bend where the weight connects to the handle....I was surprised it held! Yeah, women bustin equipment!

It was a really fun game....I let myself have more fun and the class of women I threw with...great fun and great throwers.  I did take second....I surprised myself with that...especially since lots of these women are closer to Kegan's age than my age.

I did finish....and I had a great time....the woman who won, Lyman, she even came up to me and thanked me for pushing her to throw further...made me tear up a little...damn good thing I have those transitions lenses so no one sees what an emotional pushover I can be.  I mean really, it's not befitting a Heavy it?


  1. Congrats on another stellar competition. You are a serious stud of an athlete. You are motivational beyond belief. I'm amazed with how full your plate is and how expertly you juggle everything.

  2. Say, you know what I'd love to be able to see on your blog? A list of competitions and your placings. You're the most accomplished amature athlete I've ever met and being able to see all your accomplishments would be awesome!