Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Neck pain and slowly opening eyes...

So I haven't written in over a week...been having a whiny, bitchy, I am sick of hearing myself feel bad sort of 2 week stretch of time.  It started, I think, with the heart deal that I had at practice and there are all sorts of other "they really don't matter in the long run" sorts of things that I allowed to really get me down.  This morning driving to Albuquerque for an audition I had a bit of a what ever you call those things when you call your own bluff moments.  I'll call it a deelie bop...just cause I like the sound.

I realized that this screaming neck pain I am having is a gift's is taking my mind of the heart issue...and the heart issue is a gift because..XYZ....which led me all the way around all sorts of things I was taking too seriously...

 I was practicing stones and WFD on Mother's Day when Pierre said to me, "You've already given up on these games haven't you?"

"Yes I have."

"The why are you going?"

"I am supposed to."

EWWWWW...I really had that conversation? I really felt that way...well the drive to this audition and then the audition itself made me rethink this whole crap ass attitude.....I'll go with my friend Travis on this....All I need to do is do my best this weekend with where I am right now, and you know what...I am gonna listen to my friend.....Even if I come in last...I am still a pretty darn good thrower.

See...that's why I haven't been writing much...who wants to read that?

So thanks Deelie were much needed and you are much appreciated.

NOW...the schedule for Saturday...for the women 40-49

Heavy Hammer
Light Hammer


open Stone
Heavy Weight for Distance
Light Weight for Distance

Mother of god...caber is first?  Then sheaf?  Boy oh boy that could do a number on my confidence...Who put this together?  I'm kidding...there are like 12 different groups of athletes throwing on Saturday...I am grateful someone, other than I, figures out these logistics....

Come on out if you get a chance, or come on Sunday....there is so much more at this festival than just Highland haggis.....hahaha.. yeah.


I hope I get to the gym today too...yeah the gym....oh hey...there is the State Olympic weight lifting competition on Saturday go there if you are so inclined.  Ooodles of folks from Zia will be there and I am super bummed I am missing this competition. Check these guys out...they have started working with us on Saturdays and they are the tops!

Miller Weightlifting

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  1. Hi Mona,

    Looking forward to seeing you at MWC! As I tell everyone, it doesn't matter if you come in 9th of 9--you'll still be the #9 thrower in the world! At least you get caber done early; our group has it as the last event (not my favorite place in the order)!