Friday, May 24, 2013

trying and falling and getting back up.

By summer time last year I was pretty good at getting right back to the gym after a games...well...Monday....just didn't happen.  I am STILL working on this stinking cold which I have now passed on to Vivi...sorry kiddo~

Tuesday I got my butt to the gym and decided to do two lifts instead of the one that was scheduled.

Back Squats:

135, fine easy blah
185, ok...snotty, blah
205, sigh why does this feel heavy?


235, Did BJ turn on the floor magnets again?  I decided I was tired or lazy maybe, but I decided to stay at this weight for all of the sets....

Clean & Jerks:

I am still working on cleaning up form on these so I went light...concentrating on having an active back.  I know if I can get this into muscle memory it will mean bigger lifts and hopefully better throwing form too.

55, 65, 75

Then I did my box jump thinggy and I tried a drill that one of the throwers showed me for WFD...I doubt I did it right, but there it is.

The next day?  My neck was so bad I could barely move by the end of the day....I vacillated between tears of pain and just rage.  I head over to the doc to pick up my prescription for my heart crap and I ask about an appointment for an adjustment. She has worked on my neck before and has brought me to a whole new place with it.  The woman at the desk says...July.

What?  Ok doesn't she have anything set aside for "emergencies"?


Um I am in a lot of you have a call list in case you have a cancellation?

We don't. Just call occasionally to see if someone cancelled.

So I get in my car...pissed...Just call?  Really? No list?

A shame really, her work is good...I will make a series of appointments, but I really can't describe the shape the neck it in right now.  Ah...Paul, let's see if I can get into Paul.  I am reticent to call for a couple reasons...He is booked lately, it can hurt to work with him, and frankly, sometimes he yells at me and I sorta can't deal with that right now.  I just make the fucking call....he calls me back and miracle of miracles he had an appointment for me on Monday.


Sheaf work, Hammer winds....(these hurt my stupid ass neck) and then I have added this thing I saw on strong and far. It's a stone throwing drill where you have one foot up on a box to help with the power coming from your back leg....kinda cool.

Hang Cleans:



These were ok...I paused in the position over the knee, taking care to engage my lazy back...

When I was done...I had another freaking tachy event...I just stayed on the floor...I was dizzy and IRRITATED.

I had a meeting to go to after the gym and the heart just kept on marching along without my permission.  I finally felt better about an hour later...but I am worn the hell out today from it and yeah...the clean & jerks aggravated my neck. Not nearly as bad as I was on Wednesday....

I get to see Paul Monday and I am hopeful that we can get this stinking thing back in place. In the mean time I am still too freaked out to do the regular workouts at the gym, by not doing them I am feeling less and less able to do them.

The gym is moving locations this weekend so I think when that is done, I need to really talk to BJ about how to get back into this more and how to structure what I do for the rest of the summer...just gotta get back up.

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