Thursday, March 28, 2013


Well....yesterday was...odd.

Hit the gym at noon.  I am still having trouble with that cranky right knee...did some mobility...again. Then threw sheaf.  I am getting closer, but I have yet to hit the ceiling.  I am feeling completely stalled out on that event.  Well, truthfully I am kinda stalled out on anything physical at the moment. Then a bunch of hammer winds...

I seem to be making fewer people nervous in the gym when I do these now..I think the noon crew is just used to me now.  Then a little Weight for Distance foot work.

A little grip work....then finished with 3 sets of 10 weighted back extensions and Good mornings.

I realized as I was playing around in the gym, that I am seriously running out of time to prep for the games in May.  I knew that would happen...I made that choice.  I am a bit exhausted, mainly from lack of sleep.  I have to say I am pretty happy or proud of myself or whatever, for continuing to show up for workouts.  Yeah...the last couple weeks have felt like super lame workouts...but I workout and I always felt better when I left the gym. No regrets here...this work on Buried Child has been a great challenge for me...for so many reasons.

Funny, but I don't think I could have directed before I had become an athlete.....really.  There is something about the physical side of my life that has taught me to be ok with taking up the space I need in this world.  I also feel like I have learned a little confidence...I don't need to look the people I work with and apologize for who I am before I am allowed to speak. There seems to be a bit of calmness that comes with this athlete self as well....something goes pick up and keep moving.

I don't need to panic or fall apart or hate myself for a "mistake." and sport...

It was such an odd feeling to go to the theater last night and know it was the last rehearsal.  I am going to miss so much about this process...the people mainly...but the characters too...for those of you who know the play, that may be hard to understand, but I will miss them too.

It is time to switch gears...I kinda hear a grinding sound at the moment....but it is time....time to throw...lift...prep...and believe in myself more than I do.  I am intrigued by what this directing project will bring to my athletic life.....

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