Friday, March 22, 2013

Sneaking up...

Well Well Well...

The Sneak Peek was last night.  Lots of folks showed up.  Scott and Ironweed have really strong support in this town...every year it seems to grow.  It was weird to be watching as the director last night...very odd.  I have been to them before and been in them, but watching as a director is just ...odd.

The hardest thing?  I had to get up and talk.


Now I can hear the question in your mind already:

"But Mona, you are an actor, you get up in front of people all the time, I am sure that's no problem for you."

um is very different....on stage I have a script and a character to hide within...I am not me....This happened to me at Worlds last year too..Grant was delayed and they asked me, as the only New Mexico athlete who was present to get up and say something about the Albuquerque games.... I fumbled around that day too...sounded like a bit of a moron...

So last night I get up there in front of all these theater folks...I had 4 major points to make and because I am silly, I didn't write them all down. I did forget to thank a couple of people...(Ness, without whom, I could not be doing this play right now) I got to one of my thank you's and from out of left field, I started to cry.


Oh well...I decided this morning it is because I am running on very little sleep.  I feel a little like I have tiny shards of glass all over my skin.

Someone asked me last night if I was having more fun than having it feel like work...truth? 


I really love watching this group of people work...this weekend we have to put all of the puzzle pieces together...sound, set, costume, lights...I thankfully have people around me that know I need a little extra help with this part of the process since I am such a noob.  I hope I don't drive people too crazy.

I am also looking forward to training again....I have tried to keep it up, but at this point with the lack of sleep, I have dialed it way back.  I really hope I have enough time to turn this back up to 11 by the time the May games roll around.

I guess I just have to have more fun...on the field and in the theater....

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