Monday, March 18, 2013


Carrie McCarthy came in and took photos for the show last week....when she had Scott, Carla, and I sit on the couch.....

I love photos of me.

We open in less than two weeks and we have the sneak peak this week.  A couple of nights ago I had a wicked asthma attack at the kind usually reserved for cabers.  Yesterday~I had my second migraine in about two weeks.  I have no clue what the Hell is going on.  It is pissing me off though.

Something physical that isn't pissing me off?  The endometriosis crap I was tracking has seemed to back a major way...I am trying to be positive about this...trying to imagine this will mean no surgery next month....after all I have scheduled 3 games to go to in April.  Not sure how I would fit surgery into that. 

HA! Avoidance behavior?

I hope it isn't like some other crap in my life...stuff that you think is done, or fixed or whatever and then it shows back up worse than before.  Then I end up feeling like an idiot for thinking I was done with it in the first place,  Hope this doesn't mean my uterus will fall out during the Albuquerque games...ugh...messy....clean up crew near the cabers please!

Threw yesterday in was windy and cold and started to drizzle a little.  I was a dope and wore a kilt, so I was freezing my booty off.

Nothing big to report....I did bring the training fork down...It is simple, it needs to be my competition fork. It is what I use for practice a couple of days a week....and I get much more upward drive from it. Don't get me wrong...I am still stupid bad on where near my PR much less my goal..but I'll keep plugging away.

Weight for distance?  SUCK...but not really. Distances were lame...but I am not as unsure on my feet...I am not getting all twisted up by the heavy...foot work is coming along.

Dropped an easy caber...sigh...wet hands....lazy pick.  I did give Topper another go. Got a pick and a little throw. 

New form on WOB is coming a little. 15 feet was an easy throw...but dammit...I avoided throwing it at 16+...scared.  YES I am scared.  lame.

I blame Chuck....he still hasn't brought me my socks.

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