Friday, March 15, 2013

Sliding toward something....

Ok Ok....

I know, I know....

sorry about yesterdays blog, I thought about deleting it and then ...well, whatever, that's me right now...and it kinda felt good to get it off my virtual chest. Everyone has stretches of days, weeks, months like this...and it has an affect on training too.

Blah is a cute cat:

So, here is a tiny tiny tiny list of all the awesome stuff that it would be better for me to focus on....

Vivi has straight A's.

The spider monkey comes home today for a week...just in time for the sneak peek for Buried Child.

um...the sneak peek for Buried Child is this up coming Thursday!

I had enough money to actually pay my health insurance bill this quarter.

I am in love with my design team and the work they are doing.

I have a new program from BJ that will lead me through this up coming season.

Picked up a caber last Sunday I never thought I would even's 80+ pounds and I think about 16 feet...tossed it for probably only 10 degrees...but WHO CARES, right?

I am seeing the difference, yet again, of approaching a task from a place of confidence...more on that once the show closes.

Here is another cat:

I get to throw in Texas again at another new games for about 3 weeks.

Still....I am moved, amazed, and humbled by the actors I am working with every time we play.

I am gonna start working on another play too...with Ness & Rod....

Even with my cranky post yesterday...I know I am loved.

For those of you who put up with me...thanks. And here is another cat:

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