Monday, February 4, 2013

Why Mona, why?

Thursday and Friday were a couple of weird days in the gym. there a little late, warm up, mobility goo, then I start in. Perhaps I was distracted by the zebra stripe spandex that Will was wearing....who knows.

Box squats. 12x2 at 60%. They are the dangly kind. BJ pipes up that he knows how much I love them. It's sorta true...they are hard...challenging, but I really see the direct connection to throwing. They feel...light....but still by about the 9th set...sigh.

Incline Bench Press 12x2 with dumb bells. Same sort of feeling...light.

I finish, it's late, the 6:30 class has already started. I start toward my stuff and stop in my tracks...

"Mona, did you really work full out? It's a max effort day."


"Mona.....(this takes place my head)

So, I look at the board...grab a bar, grab a bench, grab the dumb bells. I had to find a stop watch, cause everyone else was in class or busy.

8 cleans 95 lbs
Farmer carry. 70 lbs
7 handstand push ups (modified off the bench)
Farmer carry. 70lbs

3 rounds.

It was.....good. So glad I listened to that good voice in my head this time. Don't get me sorta sucked. I swear I made the worst faces I have ever made in the gym...ever, during the final farmer carry. When I finished, Jake, the ever helpful gym dog...sat on me.

He was trying to make me feel better.

I did decide after this workout that I need to actually try the HSPU again....I think I might be undercutting myself again.

Friday....ugh Friday....I was not in a happy place Friday when I walked in the gym....whatever...those days happen. Again, I was late...was facing working out alone.

Clean & jerks. 4x2

Then dumb bell snatches. 3x5 ended at 55....I was happy with that.

Again...the WOD is looking at me from the board....

30 back squats followed by a 1000 meter row. Blurgh....that doesn't look....sigh.

One of the guys doing the strength program comes over to me and says it sucks. Marz comes over...says it didn't suck as bad as he thought earlier, but it still sucks. Then I look at the weight for the workout. Women's weight is 155. Not sure about that. I really stare at the board, hoping I will magically get an answer...when it happens....Elden says to me..."what's your one rep max?"


"Do the men's weight then...shit you will probably beat the men's times."

Right...I am slow.

"Then do it slow...come on, do the men's weight."

I swear to god I thought Chuck was standing in front of me...but I do it.


I broke them into sets of 5. Before the last set of 5 I walked away...Pam was there to yell me back to the I go back....then I get on the rower. So slow. Poor Pam was reminding me...explode with the hamstrings....I just could not hear her.

I finished in10:29.....19 second behind Elden.....

I don't think I'll ever do men's Rx again....but I did it and there is something super cool about that. As Marz and I were stripping the bar, I realized that at the beginning of the summer my one rep max was 225 and I had just done 30 at that weight.

I had a rough end of my week, but I was able to really push in the gym regardless...I have 2 weeks left of this programming...then my season kicks off in Texas, the play goes into full swing, and my training will shift.

I threw yesterday...heavy and 16 feet on WOB....and I got 12 feet on WOB with the 42....(yeah socks) so I bailed today. I will go back tomorrow....

Dead pulls...bench press....oh and rehearsal tomorrow. So I gotta get the lifting an hour...

Wish me luck...I need it.

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