Monday, February 11, 2013

tweeks and more stupidity.

So...been on the Whole 30 for almost two weeks.  Don't know why I ever let myself slide off it as much as I do.

I blame myself first....then sushi. 

then sugar....

Oh well.  Now for the tweek....I am joining Velda, at the suggestion of BJ, to get my weight in grams of protein...daily.

That's a boat load of sushi....and every other sort of fleshiness.

We decided we are gonna go low key on this taking points fact no tracking points at all....just a text or Facebook message daily.

I know you are dying to know how much protein I have to eat....but then you will know what I already probably know...I have recently not been ashamed of the number 200.

Yes I am a big girl....

200 grams of protein....I wonder if I eat 185, I would get down to 185? 

Let's see, what else?

I injured two throwers at practice this weekend.  Lost my grip on a hammer.  Nothing serious, but we have all become lazy around the hammers.  It really sucks to hurt the people you throw with...really sucks.

This afternoon..I had to go back to the 1 rep max on the Box Squat and the incline press....Lifted like crap on the incline press....I don't recommend lifting on 3 hours of sleep.  But I did ok on the squat..touched the box at 325....failed at 330.  Next time I will lift inside the rack so that I can drop it.  I was afraid that I was tipping to far forward so I popped out of the squat too early.

I need a nap...I'm rambling.

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