Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekend update with the Mastodon

Been a crazy week already and I feel like if I don't get something down...I never will.

My weekend was one of those that you can look at and say, 'Oh my god, why? I'm so busy...blah blah blah." I chose to do...I am doing a lot of stuff, but it is all great and perhaps I will be surprised and have a great time. Yes...a long was so much fun.

I got to see my kid on Friday night. I walked away from the show uber impressed by the kids he is working with and the direction of the show.  It was funny, fast, well timed, and absolutely clear. A great way to break up a drive...even if it did mean I didn't get to sleep until like 3:30 AM. Got up, found the field and laughed at how tired I was.

The women got to throw in traditional order.  At this point I had absolutely no expectations for my throwing.  I didn't all week.  Someone at the gym kinda scolded me about that, but in the long expectations seems to work better for me.  When I want something too much I seem to crush it...ruin it....not make it.

There were two newer throwers on the field and a couple of ladies I have not seen in a while.  I was so impressed by everyone.  So often, people would throw better with each attempt...which can be hard to do. Often the the first. The ladies threw the first six events across the field from everyone else...under a tree to boot!  It was fun..oh, these games were private too...not part of a festival, so it was kinda quiet and cool.

So long blog short....I ended up focusing on form and throwing pretty well.  Yes, I was lucky enough to take first place, but the most important thing to me was that I took 4 field records and 4 personal bests.  Um wow...first games and I got some PR's!

Open stone 34'9.75"!  (almost 2 feet)
Heavy Weight for Distance 33'7"   (6 inches)
Heavy Hammer 69'9"     (almost 6 feet!)
Light Hammer  83'7"    (over 8 feet!)

Huh? 83? Squeeeeee!!!!!!!

I would mention but fell apart!

I even got to attempt 16'2" on WOB...came close, but the cool thing that happened was that Andy Vincent, one of the pros came over to watch my form.  He said...If you are attempting this height already I won't say anything until you are done....I missed the height...and then he worked with me on fixing my form.  Gonna work on the things he shared...he even have this height.

When I got home Brittney had emailed us this:

I will never be ranked number 4 ever again! Love those early season numbers.
The other thing I got in Texas....a new nick name. Mona "the Mastodon" Malec..someone called me a beast on the field...I don't like that name...Beast implies all sorts of things I am not...but I am big..slow....So I said just call me a mastodon and now I think it may stick! Not sure I am ready to give up my New Mexico nickname.

Are there giggling mastodons?

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