Thursday, February 21, 2013

Heavy Days

I find myself a bit anxious "season" whatever that means~starts for me on Saturday.  For me, there is no better way to start this year off than to jump in with both feet~eyes closed~and in way over my head. These Texas ladies are beautiful throwers and I am lucky to start my year off by getting schooled.  No really...great time for me to soak it all in and learn.

I did a lot of training in the off season, but probably not enough throwing.The lifts are just not translating onto the the practice field a previous blog I had some lofty goals for 2013, but they will take time to get there...if I ever do....which is just fine. As Angela reminded me this morning, "Throwing is like sex~even if it's bad, its still pretty good."

Perhaps that needs to be my motto for 2013.

Yesterday was a one rep max day for the Back Squat.  I was so honored to watch all these folks at noon...many of whom it was their first ever attempt at a one rep max! Priscilla and Liz and Cindy were great to watch.  I love watching people lift...watching them push for that next weight...but Zia being the kind of gym it is...not just pushing for weight, but pushing for proper form.  Watched Zach and Cody and Sarah lift some big bars.  In her typical way....Sarah just tries to shrug off how much she increased...silly. 

I did however wonder where Marz was....turns out he was sick...poo.

The last time I did a 12 week program I had a huge jump on my max.  This time, the purpose of the programming was not strictly strength, so I didn't really care if I increased.  I mean it is great, but my knee has been bugging me...and I have not been sleeping well.  I had breakfast with Rod...the only other person I know who will speak as passionately about acting as he does fitness...I had told him how when I get to a certain weight, about 290+, when I rack the weight and step back to lift I feel like my spine will tear away from my vertebrae. 

So...I do 5 with the bar then 5 at 135.

Singles...225, 295...the 295 back doesn't scream at me.  My last PR  3 months or so ago was 305.  So I rest and think...30 isn't that huge of a jump. So...325.  I try to time it so every one is busy...I don't want everyone to watch me dump the weight after all.  I have been doing this new little ritual to get under the bar for a squat.  Deep Breath, step under, set my feet...and I imagine screwing my heels into the floor, wiggle my shoulders into the bar, tip my hips under, bigger breath....and up.  Ok this thing is on  my back...and I don't feel like I am gonna die.  Another big breath~push that belly against that belt~ down~~~then I realize that Will is behind me...Cody too.  It was not an easy up...pushed those knees out hard...imagined those feet digging in the floor and I swear the only thing that got the weight up the last bit were the words form those two guys...they helped me lift that weight.

True story.

Racked that bar and I spun around said to the guys, "I got it, didn't I?!" and gave Will a huge hug...could not help myself...I need some remedial gym etiquette lessons. I mean really...20 pounds?  Will kinda scolded me for that...because hell, 20 pounds is a lot on a one rep max...Then I thought back...I have been at Zia...not even a year...and my max on this lift has increased 100 pounds.


Yet another reminder...I don't have to hide in the corner to lift...not that you need someone watching all the time...but the boost of support on a big lift?  Why not?

I have been wrestling with this funny idea about my age and the lifting and the throwing. This bit of a panicky feeling that I only have a limited amount of time to make any strength and throwing gains until the natural slow down happens...which I know it does.  I mentioned this to Chuck at practice last week.  He asked me how long I thought I had...I said probably only a year or two and then it will just decline.  He said, "You are full of shit, you know that right. I say you have ten years." I have no idea where he gets the idea of ten years from and thusly I told him that I thought he was full of shit.  Then I thought, why not? Why not just tell myself I have 10 more years?  I wondered if  I was still punishing myself for starting this journey "late".  You found this thing you love to like how you feel, but I was only gonna give myself another year to feel good doing it~ to improve form?


You are only worth doing this for if your numbers in lifts and throws go up? And really, you are gonna stop once your numbers go down?

Um no...not even.

Chuck was right...dammit....I was full of shit. Dang he knows how to push my buttons.

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  1. Watching you squat 325 was flippin awesome! Very motivational! I can't belive you increased your squat 100 pounds in a year. That's amazing! You are really amazing.