Thursday, February 14, 2013

more butter please.


It has been a while....but I just had a run in with my favorite crab.

 I have to admit though...this conversation is really my fault.  I know better...I know to keep my mouth shut. I chose to speak....big dummy.

Setting...India House. Important only because I have a pile of chicken and shrimp on my plate.

Crab: You are on that diet again?

Me: No, just cleaning up what I eat.  I am also trying a new protein thing (ooops...should not have said that)

Crab: Protein?

Me: Yeah one gram of protein per pound of body weight.

Crab: (with genuine interest) Why?

Me: (More details than you need dear reader.)

Crab: Well, That's too one can eat that much.

Me: Well, so far hasn't been too bad.

Crab: If you think you need to build muscle, you should do Pilates.   In class, I have to use all of my body weight to perform the exercise.

Me: (thinking) I do too....when I STAND.

~~~~~~~~ some time passes~~~~~~~~~

Crab:  I have lost all my my muscle since menopause...I don't know how to build it.

Me:  (Blank Stare....Rapidly blinking eyes)  Well, you could eat more protein. (and lift weights)

Crab: I do feel better when I don't eat bread or pasta and stick to veggies.

Me: too.  ( more blank staring and perhaps a heavy sigh) as I shove more chicken in my gob....

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