Thursday, August 16, 2012

well, that hurts.

Traveling cuts down on the number of days to biggy....I have decided this week to squeeze in 3 days of work with no rest days...since I can rest in the car on the way to Odessa.  Unfortunately, I jacked my neck during the trip to Oklahoma...which doesn't take much...sigh.  My right side feels particularly weak.  That should make for an interesting day of throwing on Saturday.

This week has only 2 lifts per workout...well~ if you ignore good mornings and Romanian Deadlifts.


Shoulder Press (blah)
 2x5x45  These feel good...:)  I am working on my stupid neck flexibility, so I focus on the corrections Will has been giving me on this lift...pulling my head out of the way and NOT arching my back.
1x5x65  ok
1x3x85 good
1x2x100  but I get them both.
2x5x122.5 um...not even.  I drop the weight to 100...I get 2 more reps.  Drop the bar to 95...I get 1.  sigh.

Back squat.  Not looking forward to this...since on Friday I could not even get the working set on my back (245).

2x5x45 I use this set to check my form and my breathing!
1x2x200  I love how it goes up by 50...made it easy to load.
2x5x250.  I play a game with myself, that I only loaded 205...First set. I get under it... it feels...heavy...but my body doesn't reject it. I step back...squat. up. squat. up. squat...push through the floor....up.  3 reps not five.  I go sit against the wall...check to see if my right eye is still in the socket.  I do a second set of 3  the last one...I was a little forward...

Last set is as many as I can do...I got one.

Again, I did not prepare for my post workout...this is a lot of weight...for me. I have to go to the store when I am done...and I had a moment when I thought I might be having a stroke.  I know, can I be any more dramatic?....I really thought I might die.  What the Hell.  I grabbed some stupid protein shake at the store and I felt better in like...5 freaking minutes. 

Talked to BJ a bit before I started, we decided that I should go ahead and lift the Wednesday lifts full out last night, then today I will do warm up sets and speed stuff.  I am sooooo happy he is there, guiding this process. 

1x2x115  These all feel good to this elbows....low catch..then....
5x3x135 Wow....I could not get under the bar!  I tried at least 9 times before I got it.  I was mad, frustrated, irritated.  The weight didn't feel heavy.  BJ kept saying I was getting up to my shoulder and then not getting under it...I kept tipping forward...ugh so irritating. I did like 5 more before I got a second clean... All in my tiny brain I am sure.

Bench Press
1x2x115...these felt good
2x5x130...ugh  This felt heavy...made my neck feel weird too.  I thing I got 3 in the first set, 1 on the second set....

Oh well...I always have a mixed bag...

I realized last night that I really really need to get off my booty and throw the next two weeks... Pleasanton is coming up soon...and I need to throw and throw and throw before I go.

I am about 1/2 way through this lifting program and sometimes I feel really strong and sometimes I feel like I will never make any gains (I am looking at you shoulder presses).

I am headed to Texas Friday.. with my friend Lisa...and she is gonna throw. 

AND..I have that audition I have something good to report later...but send me a little love at about 3pm today..I'll need it.

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