Monday, August 20, 2012

Quit looking at me...

Well,  here is the quickie update.

I signed.

She will look for things listed as "sturdy farm wife" (my suggestion)  I am currently looking for other quick character descriptions that fit me....please post them if you will.

some obvious ones:

back round gym rat
scottish athlete
sturdy farm wife
prison guard

The audition was.........weird.  Having been an actor for as long as I have, I know when some one is not listening, so I ended up only doing half of the work I had prepared. She was only looking to see "how I looked " on camera and if I could remember my lines.

Not what I got into acting for, but I still feel like it was an important step for me to take. 

As for the games in Odessa....

Tiny, quiet games...three brand new women came out...whoot!  One of them my friend Lisa who came with me.  She did so well...I am so proud of here for taking the risk...I know it isn't easy.

We threw some events off of platforms because we were in a horse barn and if we hadn't, there would have been some strained knees and ankles from the funky ground.  The roof kept us cool...I think the festival has some tweaking and promotion to do, but I think it could be a good games as it builds.

I slid off the platform during weight for distance...twice...that was funny. I was just happy I didn't fall on my ass.

I learned a lot about my glide for my open stone....more  things to fix and practice. I suspect that I have been working on one aspect of my stone throwing for so long, that I have neglected the power aspect.  sigh....I have 2 weeks to fix that.  yeah...right.

Same thing with sheaf, both Jerry and Grant pointed out something I can fix....I am rushing and not finishing clean, hmmm I have never heard that before about form....  :)

Hammer was super sweet...something feel into place.  It was funny...I was not going to take any extra throws, but the women were teasing me to just take a throw already...Jerry was bugging me too saying I'd regret it if I didn't.  So I did...glad too...I cracked it...over 70. 

Thanks for the teasing!

WOB...I just kept looking at the bar when I was done, 18 feet.  I saw the weight clear 18 6 but...not OVER the bar.  Kinda thrilling.  I decided after Flagstaff to never look at the bar again before I throw.   It works better for me...but I'll tell ya this: I could not stop looking at it after we were finished...looking at it makes me think....what else can I do it without looking, before saying, "I can't."

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