Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ropes, bands, and burns.

So, after my whining in yesterday's blog about crossfit...last night...I did crossfit.

I get in the gym...rolling around on a foam roller and la cross balls and I ask BJ...

"I have 2 days to workout...what should I do..."  I am feeling too lazy to think after all the planning to get my ass outta town.

"Just do today's workout...go light, go for speed. Do the deads with the band."

5x5 dead lifts

5 Power cleans
20 Double unders

5 Rounds

I don't know my time...I only know I went super duper light. 

Did the deads at I think 115 with the bands.  BJ advocated for the bands last week on both dead lifts and bench press....thought it would be a good idea for the explosive hoohaa I need for my sport...I both dislike them and love them at the same time.

Only used 65 for the power cleans...went as fast as I could....did single instead of doubles too...cause I am lame.

Before the workout, I was feeling I was pushing some of the ladies near me to go heavier...  Using my sweet voice of course...I think both Sarah and Kim wanted to punch me...but it was my way to lift heavy without actually lifting heavy.  Kim ended up using 105, when her one rep max is yeah...she is super amazing!  I don't know what Sarah ended up using..I just know I got her to slap 10 more pounds on.  I know...I am evil.

Post workout...was~fascinating.

Kim told me she climbed the I had her and Sarah show me what they had learned from BJ and Will...I had tried a while ago to learn...I would do all these progressions that were basically about me building my grip on the rope and pulling myself with my arms up the rope while my legs were disengaged.

um....maybe this is ok for a guy...but...ugh.

So...we start playing...I literally am having flashbacks to elementary school...I am having horrible images of myself hanging off the rope looking like a whale caught in a net....I am having a hard time.  BJ comes over and says to me, "stop thinking of climbing the rope, just think of holding on."  I actually have to close my eyes to feel what he is talking about, to stop the crazy amount of images flooding my brain telling me, "I can't."  I finally get my  foot position right...I finally see how he uses his abs, I finally *feel* how you start bent and simply stand up on the rope. I don't actually climb the damn thing...but I do hold on.  Eyes closed...but I can feel it this time.

I feel as though it is possible.

Can you imagine, I might learn to climb a rope at 44 years old...

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