Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This weekend, as y'all know, we took our boy to college....Oklahoma City University.

I must admit...we had a great time.  Really...I may have had a few too many slushie drinks and a few too many beers while we bowled....but still...Heather, Marwin, Pierre and I had a ball.

As this "day" has approached...I had all these expected emotional ups and downs, but the morning of the move, Monday..we pulled onto the campus and all I felt was excitement.  All these good memories form my college days came back....all the rush that possibility brings. The thrill that this kid, found a place that he feels good at, doing what he loves to do.....dammit...we all need to find that.

This campus cracked me up too....they are PREPARED.  They had a DJ...yes I just typed that...they had a freaking DJ in their quad during move in.  There was a gaggle of sorority girls direction the new students where to go....there were hoards of Frat boys hauling kids belongings....a huge crew of shuttle drives and RA's and all kinds of people easing this transition.

We get to his room....after all these boys moved boxes for us...and he looks at us and basicly can go.


Yes, I got this, I will do this...I am gonna put music on, drink coffee, and set this up.

um, can I make your bed or something? (yes I said that)

No guys can go...I'm good.

It was odd, but is his life after all....time to keep letting go....I gave him a a little choked up...and we hit the road.

The whole process was less than a half an hour.

Now I know we are missing out on some events; Vivi had to be at school tomorrow...but I think it might just be better that way.

The anticipation was so much more 'work' than the event itself....there is a lesson there about being in the moment for me. 

A DJ...I still can't get over that one!

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