Tuesday, August 7, 2012

boring numbers

Just another quick one here...

Mainly because I much say, I am sort of proud of these numbers and how much help I had in getting these numbers.

Back squat
Was supposed to do 2x5 at 240

Did 3 in the first set. 2 in the second. then I did 4 in a third set.

Kinda got excited because my one rep max is 225.  I nearly had a horrific accident with the bar because I was careless about unloading it.  :)  Was urged along by Will for that third set....and the side coaching I got from Travis about my breathing?  WOWZERS...These reps felt pretty good....pretty darned upright too.

Bench Press

supposed to do 2x5 at 125, then final set as many as possible.

Did 2 sets of 5, then the last set~6.  Never did that before.

Again, I got kinda silly, as my one rep max for the bench is 125. Sarah was my spotter..and may I say publicly...a great spotter and coach!  She thinks it was the power of her nostrils that helped me get the bar up~but I know it was her gentle encouragement and belief in me that pushed that bar.

Did snatches and good mornings and grip work too...stayed WAY late to cool down by jumping rope and playing with LeAnn  and Will's baby, Aislin. 

Just ticking away at the work....I also have more games coming up than I had planned for....I think I must be crazy.

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