Tuesday, July 31, 2012

weekends and such

I had a theater heavy weekend....very different shows that had very similar traits...

The first piece I saw was a brand new  show at Warehouse 21 written by Matt Sanford and Robert Nott, the second....A Midsummer Night's Dream.  New and Old.

In both shows, I saw people who are out there...doing the work...making it their passion.  I love that.  It depresses me but I love it. I am also inspired by it...of course, I guess depressed isn't the right word...frustrated by my lack of action.  But I digress.

I also saw a boat load of young actors and actors I have never seen before.  Most excellent news for Santa Fe.  My favorite favorite thing that I saw this weekend....EXCELLENT TIMING.

ooooh so excited by this both shows too.  Perfectly timed asides, perfectly timed pauses, and zingers.  Kudos to both directors and actors for this.

During Mid Summer I was reminded of my days, oh so long ago, in outdoor drama...the fabulous training ground that it provides for vocal production.   You can definitely tell who has good vocal training and who is still learning.  Still, how much fun is it to watch the sun set, the moon rise, and watch Puck mess with the mortals. 

We also finalized the casting for the piece I am directing in the spring.  Wow, being on the other side of the table has taught me a few things.  Primarily....casting, or not casting someone is not about personal relationships.  So hard to narrow my focus down enough...I learned how much I needed to know about the play, about what I think it means, about what I think I can add as a director; before I can even watch an actor get up and read.  Tough stuff.  Tough to having to say, "not this time." I had great people come play, lucky me.

It is funny, this year off...I feel so freaking removed from the theater scene....Someone warned me that this one year break is likely to be a 10 year break.  She had confirmed my fear, that when people don't see you...they forget you...everything moves forward and when you step out, it is very hard to step back in.

Oh well.  I have had a hard week...I don't seem to be able to giggle my way out of feeling what I am feeling...nor do I seem to be able to squat my way out of feeling this crap either.... ha!

A couple of great days lifting....but I am needing to throw easy to just sit and watch the Olympics instead.  Yes...I have watched ping pong, hand ball, and water polo.  Whatever.  Gotta sit down with BJ and talk programming. It has been about a month and it is probably time to look at what works and what can be tweaked.

Highlight?  2x4 230 Back squat, with an additional 2 reps. (that's more than my one rep max)  Got some great info about breath work too. I am tilting forward too much as I go heavy and work on my breathing is sure to help.

Oh yea...I have a weightlifting competition this weekend...funny. 

And my boy leaves in less than 2 weeks....yeah...that too.

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