Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wishing time

Sometimes my kids will say to me, "I wish the week were over." I know we all feel like this sometimes, but I will remind them that time is pretty much what we have- please don't wish it away.

On thursday, I found myself in that very same place I warn the kids about. I found myself wishing it were the middle of September. Overwhelmed by all of these transitions, all the things that have suddenly piled up that I am supposed to be doing. I am behind on everything I "should" be doing. I cannot even make a good list! And when I do make a list I seem to lose it right away. In the mean time it triggers my stress response in my neck.


I lifted on Thursday instead of Friday so I could do my friend Kim's birthday workout....but the kids and I and my sister went to the zoo and I was fried. The cool thing about the lifting on Thursday? I was able to do the prescribed working sets for my back squats. 205...I did two full sets then an extra four reps. Next week's workouts are gonna be messed up again because I found out I have to drive to Oklahoma Sunday morning.

I will try not to avoid all of the things people are needing me to do...the things I am needing me to Like pack, crap, I need to pack too.

I have some thoughts about the whole 30 ... But I can't think anymore today and I am sure I am supposed to be taking care of something.

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