Monday, July 23, 2012


Just back from Flagstaff...and here is a list of stuff I did/learned:

1.  If I have a games coming up, I need to be throwing A LOT more.
2.  Sushi post games is AWESOME.
3.  I can, indeed, throw a caber in the rain.
4.  Post rain, one must reapply sunscreen.
5.  My first throw is almost always my best.
6.  I am still way too hard on myself and need to remember I have only been throwing a little over a year. 
7.  I can only throw my best, I can't really chase anyone else.
8.  I am gonna work with a weight belt on a couple of events to see if it helps (you know me and my equipment fetish)

I know I took first, but I didn't really feel good about my throwing.  I wasn't consistant...and I was hoping for something I cannot quite put my finger on.

When I back up though, I know I felt more stability as I threw, both in Hammer and weight for distance.  I am pretty sure that is the weight lifting.  I am early in this program as well, so again, see number 6 above.  I need to remember that the gym work is focusing me for my longer term goal in May...not for the games happening now, or even in the fall.

I did get 2 PR's, but again, I let myself feel disappointed by them because they we not BIG PR's.  As usual, Grant helps me by reminding me that PR's come in inches...unless some huge shift comes to your form.  Thanks...again...see number 6. 

I was also able to watch some of the best women in the sport throw this weekend, it was great...and one of them refused to believe I was old enough to be a Masters...ah, a little ego stroke there....I had fun too, in spite of my self doubt with my throwing.  It really was a great group...some of my favorite throwers to play and goof off with and I also got to meet some new, fun, fabulous throwers.  There were also 3 women who had never thrown, who are all trainers at the Flagstaff Crossfit gym.  When I showed them my awesome new patch, it was like we were in a secret club or something.  It was fun to help when I could and I think they saw some of what I see in the games.  That, just like in CF, people want to help you...want you to do be your best.

I have so much to learn, but there is no other group of women I'd rather learn it from.

I really felt part of the family of throwers this weekend....

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