Saturday, July 7, 2012

Whole 30 lessons

Things I have done in the gym this week I am proud of:

Back squat working sets 2x5 at 210... Then 3 more reps at the same weight.

Learned a something about my shoulder press that I was doing....sloppily.

Clean working sets 5x3 at 130. I also kept going when I really wanted to quit. Some of that may have been BJ keeping an eye on me. :)

Bench press work, didn't get the full working sets done, but I dropped 10% off the bar and got 7 sets! I am proud of the weight even though I know how lame it sound to all the hard core people out there (105). I am super happy mainly because I feel like I am getting more comfortable with the form... Pressing through my heel... letting the bar go LOW...And I am no longer feeling uncomfortable asking for help, making sure I have a spot.

During the last week, I had a few people come up and ask me how much weight I have lost or some other kind of related comment. Since I despise photos of myself and I no longer weigh myself, I have no answer. The best I could do was dig up a photo from the South Carolina competition and ask Pierre to take a photo of me wearing the same shirt and kilt. It was during SC when I realized how far I had strayed from eating what makes me feel good. Shortly after, I jumped on the Whole 30. I also shifted my workout to one that is more focused on lifting. I feel super supported at Zia and I am sure that there is no way to untangle or determine the one factor that is shifting my body.

The strangest thing I gave up for the 30 days was potatoes. I still cannot really believe that I have not eaten any potatoes in over 30 days.

I also decided that I am not going "off" the whole 30 anytime soon. I am going to do my best to keep eating what really feeds me while making clear choices for when I want to stray.

(I am looking at you Flagstaff.)

Something that surprises me? How much I need to eat and how often. I swear I eat every three hours. Another surprise? Just how much sugar crept back into my food. I have a feeling I will have bad food creep happen again, but I have been successful doing this 30 day thing once, I can do it any time I choose. I am sorta guessing once a year..... Ha!

One of the coolest things? I am stronger. This "diet" is not really a diet for me at all. I am stronger, not hungry at all, and I have none of the complaints I see women post on Facebook when they do weight watchers or Jenny Craig or skinny bitch diet or whatever else is being packaged and sold right now.

BUT... Just like the working out...This works for me... I am no "born again" about this stuff. Everyone needs their own path.

Last thought for tonight? I gotta find some thine to's less than 2 weeks til Flagstaff!


  1. Always learning. Always growing. Always strong.

    1. not always for me...but today is good... HA!