Thursday, August 14, 2014


Ramblings ahead....

In Denver after the game we went to a place called Euclid after the game. Some of the best food and service I have had....ever.  Had Chips & Dip.....I had been craving nachos earlier...but these were not nachos.

Chips and Dip, lemon goat cheese dip, oolong tea smoked duck breast, duck confit, Kennebec potato chips, baby dill, extra virgin olive oil. 

The smoked duck was...get this....FROZEN.  Sliced so paper thin...the contrast was stellar.

Then they had both mustard & pickle samplers.  Yes.  6 different kinds of mustard served with pretzel rolls~and a plate of pickles....Squeeee.

I got a little excited.  I was just silly.  I get a little excited about this kind of stuff.  I love cheese plates and sausage plates and samplers of all sorts.  For some reason, these pickles just let my joy out into the room.  Well....not just the pickles. 

I am trying something about my food.  Had started the whole 30 with the knowledge that the Highlands ranch games were right at the two week mark.  I actually didn't stray too far...except for the pretzel rolls...and a piece of sour dough toast. 

I think I am going to eat like what I call "whole 30ish" between games and allow myself whatever I want the day of a game.  Scotland is, of course, an exception...the whole freaking trip.  After the season is over I think I am gonna see how one cheat meal a week feels.  Who knows. All I know is that I feel huge right now.....and old.  No I don't feel old, I look old.  HA!

Speaking of Scotland,  I will be there in less than month. 

In addition to the work I am doing in the gym, I have also decided I need some help.  I have reached out to a couple of awesome folks.  My friend Gwyn is working on me this week and the week between Pleasanton and Scotland.  Paul has been scheduled for next week. Dan will be putting his hands on me the week following Paul. I always seem to have this problem of waiting until I am way into my pain cave before I ask for help....I have entered the cave so to speak, but I am jumping on it now and I am also engaging with all three of these fabulous folks, scheduling them all right now, appreciating each of their unique gifts as body workers.

OH....I hopped on the rower on Tuesday...part of the crazy warm ups BJ has me do.  1000 meter row on Tuesdays.  I felt crappy on Tuesday...CRAPPY.  I really didn't even wanna go to the gym.  I got on and I hit a pace and it didn't seem horrible.  So I kept on it.  Ended up with a 3 second pr on the 1000 meter row.  4:14.  My prior 4:17 was set when I was way lighter and going only Crossfit, long before I ever found Highland Games.  It was very surprising.  Perhaps I am not as far gone in regard to my conditioning as I thought...Even if I feel thick and slow and chubby.....I can still row as fast as I did when I was lighter and quicker. 

Talked to Faith too about "peaking."  I am sorta worried that I may have peaked in Pike's Peak (HA!) She was really smart about it though...1. You can't predict a peak. 2. Getting great throws right now would potentially be my peak and could potentially catch me on the down side at the moment I want to peak.  3. The prior "peak" is park of a larger cycle I may not be able to see yet. main goals for Scotland? Have fun. Be grateful. Throw the best I can. Perhaps finish in the top 5.

Have fun and be grateful need to be applied liberally to all areas of my life. 

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