Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hearts and going hard.

Squats...and Bench.

My right shoulder seems a little taxed.  Might be all the caber work on Sunday.  That, and working on my sheaf form...the pull back makes it feel....ick.  Add the pain I still have in my left wrist from Enumclaw and you have icky poopie bench pressing.

Back Squat  5x2  at 235  These seemed way heavier than they should have.  By the last set they weren't so bad.
Bench     5x3  at 75...I know I know...whaaaaa......

Add some good mornings and some "pull ups."

Was a good workout....I know on paper it doesn't seem like much, but once I get through the warm up it's a long one.

Had a really great conversation at practice with my friend Eden on Sunday.  He asked me about my heart.  See he was at a practice a while back when I had a lingering episode.  He and his wife Susan are always checking on me since this crap started.  I was relieved to report it happens less and less and we also discussed the role that stress plays in all of this.  I confessed to Eden that I was coming to the realization that although I have been working hard, that I realized very very recently during one of my killer Friday~tire flipping~sledge hammering workouts, that I went really really hard...and the heart...came down.....I think I may have been taking a little bit too much rest...pulling back a little bit here and there until that Friday.  That's not to say I won't ever have the rapid heart beat again...I am pretty sure it is with me now as a "possibility."  I feel like I have been here before...sorta...Perhaps this will be a long term, "oh I am working out a little harder again" thing.

For right now, I feel like I have made another step toward not being afraid of the "heart stuff."

That has double meaning, doesn't it?

As for throwing...I feel so...."plateaued"   blergh.

Might be time to do something I camera.

Time to grow up Mona if ya wanna get any better.

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