Tuesday, August 19, 2014

home again, home again,

Jiggity Jig...


I have pulled something in my back.  Getting out of bed.  SIIIIIIIIIIGH.


Front Squat:

3x5 at 135  I know light, light but speedy


5x2 at 115  wheeeee.

Good Mornings:

3x10  at 65

Pull ups...

Used the green band..but it is time to move to the blue.  Which will suck, but if I am honest....the green are all coming very, yeah.  Back to sucky hard "pull ups."

I wonder if by November, which is the end of my program, I will actually "get" one pullup!  eh...probs not...but I think I could get my giant ass up on the thin black band.

BJ has also started a Zia fund raiser for me.  He had this shirt designed and is selling them to help me with expenses for the Scotland trip.  25 bucks...isn't that something?

When he first told me he wanted to do this for me, I just thought to myself, "Why?" If you only knew how much you already do for me, have done for me....jeeez, the fact that you took me seriously a couple of years ago when we first met at the weightlifting competition....that you took my sport seriously....that you pushed me to get BIGGER and STRONGER than I ever imagined this mid-life body could get....that you write programming just for me....that you come to my games...that you gave my sport a go have no idea what the means to me....especially the timing of all of it as I splayed myself out kicking and screaming though some of the worst times in my life.

ZiaCrossFit Facebook Page

And then I thought, who am I to tell him he "shouldn't?"

I have somehow managed to discover a kind of family in Zia....a kind of a home.

Which gets me thinking about home.

What is home?  I saw a post from the eldest monkey upon his return to school..."I am finally home."  I had a minor little pang, but I get it.  I actually thought at different points that I might make Oklahoma home as well.  Hell, it is home because when I am with Heather..I am home.

Even in this new little shabby apartment, I have begun to feel at home.

I feel at home when Vivi props her feet up on me when we watch TV.

I feel at home with my "theater bitches."

I feel at home on the field and in the gym.

The list is too long for me to keep going~ Bottom line? I feel home when I feel loved or respected or cared for with people who accept care, love, and respect from me as well. Even when we get angry, even when we fail each other, even when we make mistakes. 

noun: home; plural noun: homes
the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

synonyms:origin, source, cradle, fount,   fountainhead 
I think I really like the synonyms for the word home best...... Source....cradle....yeah.

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