Monday, August 4, 2014


Another game this weekend!

Highlands Ranch up in's a quick drive...up and back; throw and recover.

Last years Numbers:

B                     25'11"
HWD              36'1"
LWD               62'3"
LH                  80' 9"
Sheaf              22'
WOB              15'

Oh look at that Sheaf...I could cry....Especially after last week!  Hopefully something clicks here fast for me on the sheaf...cause WHY can't I improve on this one??

Looks like this was a really good game for me last year.   Goals?  Sheeeezzz  Maybe just come close to the numbers I threw last year.

So, Highlands Ranch, then Pleasanton...then....Some BIG travel.

Even though I still have not made it up to the "big" game, I am starting to wonder where to go next year.  I'd like to hit some new games...not too far away please please throw some games at me that you love.  Be fun to head back to the mid-west...Chicago maybe? Back to the old home town for a game? is a start, a tiny thought of a list of games....Some of these are just hopeful games, some may stay some may go.....but throw some more out there.

Thanksgiving Point
Pikes Peak
Highlands Ranch
Estes Park
Santa Fe

Gotta hit the gym tonight...I think it is squats.  Squeeee.

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