Friday, August 22, 2014

Rosters and and numbers and blah blah blah.

My next game is labor day weekend.  I have to confess...I love Pleasanton. I have Michelle Crownheart to thank for introducing me to Steve and these games.  I must admit these are a tricky games to attend this year...the following weekend I get my ass on a plane for Scotland. Although, I cannot see missing these games as long as I keep getting an invite.  They are a hard one...2 days, challenge events...and I frankly have a history of choking at high pressure games.  I STILL have not figured out how to use the energy of the crowd to my advantage....I tend to throw better at games that are tiny and low pressure.  Perhaps, I can still learn.  I mean, I KNOW  I have written about his before! 

The last two years...these have been the games I have trained for.....I have thrown at least one PR each year.

So, here they are, My numbers from 2013 in Pleasanton:

Braemer  22'2"
Open       26'6" 
HWFD    45'9" 
LWFD    61'10"
HH         64' 
 LH          85'6" 
WOB      19'2" 

Jeepers...that Light hammer! Still my best ever; as is the WOB. 

Should be interesting.  My goals? Stay freaking relaxed....stay low.....lay it all out on the field. 

Wanna see who I am throwing with?

Women’s 40+ Masters Class:
#344 Michelle Crownhart – Phoenix, AZ
#345 Karyn Dallimore – New Westminster, BC, Canada
#346 Jeannette Grace – Santa Rosa, CA
#347 Mona Malec – Santa Fe, NM
#348 Shonda Mulrey – Oakley, CA
#349 Kym Ross Pollard – Olivehurst, CA

Lucky me huh?!?

Guess who else I get to hang with for 2 days?

 Women’s Open Class:
#332 Adriane Wilson-Blewitt – Irmo, SC
#333 Kate Burton – Silverdale, Washington (tentative)
#334 Beth Burton – Chico, CA
#335 Bethany Owen – San Jose, CA
#336 Heather MacDonald – Torrance, C
#338 Kristy Scott – Ellensburg, WA (tentative)
#341 Stephanie Robbins – Chico, CA
# UK Meagan McKee

What what?

I usually go out for a longer visit so I can see Kerry and Jane, but I can't do it this year ladies, I hope I can bug you for a really long visit.

Worked with Paul yesterday...he was actually complimentary about the mobility in my shoulders, elbows, and wrists.  Nice...and he didn't bug me about my hips!

I will get to practice this weekend...cabers and stones.  oh stones....

Vivi started school this week and some how made it the whole week without  too much know she is 14.  Next week, poor kid...she gets her spacers...then braces...  She knows it's gonna hurt and be a pain in the ass, but she is very clear about wanting the teeth fixed. 

It's all process. 

Yup...gotta go through some painful growth to get the things we really want and need.

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