Friday, August 1, 2014

More Little things....

Came home from Enumclaw with a couple of pieces of newish information:

1. My new place turns into spider central when I travel....

2. It doesn't have to get very hot if it is also humid.

3. There are certain people you can tease about lapping up sweat from a belly button...(I am looking at you Ms. Curry)

4. Laughing at myself works wonders for my long as I am not being mean to myself.

5. I can ignore vast amounts of both physical and emotional pain.....but not will bite me.

6. I was touched by the "nosy" questions and moved by the happiness on my behalf.

7. I like placing bets for beers with other throwers.

8. There is something very heart warming about hearing your name called when you are just trying to sneak in to watch others.

9. I missed Genevieve coming to these games.

10. I can blow an event...and move on.  Big lessons there...

11. If I don't unpack the MOMENT I come'll be two weeks before I get it done.

12. When I walked through the door of my new little place, I still expected Ferdinand & Faith to greet me~broke my heart a little..again. I don't think I shall ever move past the loss of those dogs.

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