Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Try, Try again.

Been a while.

I put this tiny little blog on "private" for a while.  Was my choice and frankly I may shut it down again, I hope not, but I thought I'd give it another go.  I miss writing about my workouts...about why I workout....about what it gives me.  I also feel like I owe a little bit of progress report sorts of things to all of the people who pushed me to get my big ole butt to Scotland in the Fall.


Here I am.

I have a new 14 week program from BJ....I'm in week 4.

I really like it.  He sent along a set of instructions. It included 23 separate edicts.  Of which, 11 said...DO THE WARM UPS.

Even after a a couple years of working with him, he gets me a little too well.

But really...these "warm ups'  are so much more. 

I hit a game in CO last week and I am headed back to the Valkyrie games this up coming weekend.
I had a really great WOB throw in Colorado.....I had great women around me too....I always have...pushing me. The funniest thing about the 2 throws, 16' and 16'6", I thought I missed them both because I didn't hear the clang of the weight hitting the bar.

I know...I'm a dork.  But I have been chasing this height for well....almost 2 years...maybe longer...

A huge thanks to the big guy Dan Williams for catching the 16 foot throw.

So....I guess I'll see if I should keep writing or not.  I suppose you will help me decide.

Wanted to share this as well:

My Dear Friend Mike

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