Tuesday, July 29, 2014


numbers and lessons

A reminder:


BR                 24'1"
Open              28'4"
HWD             33'6"
LWD             63'7"
LH                 80'1"
Sheaf             18'
WOB             15'

This year?

 BR                 24' 6.5"
Open              30'6"
 HWD             46' .5"  (21)
 LWD             58'11"
 LH                 79'4"
 Sheaf             16'
 WOB             18'  (21)

2 12:00 on caber

Some up some down....COMPLETELY Bombed sheaf....Cannot remember the last time I didn't clear 18 feet...sad.

LWD and Hammer were also disappointing....But stone...not like they are big numbers...but something clicked again and the biggest thing is it didn't hurt.  Linear drive, yeah.

Happy with my caber...but something funny happened to my wrist on the last collapsed...popped...something...was swollen the rest of the day.  Still sore today.  Took attempts at 19'3" on WOB...I froze...I let the pressure of throwing harder mess up my throws.  Got to chat with Andy Vincent about it again.  Was surprised he remembered me from over a year ago...said he snuck a peak at me at the 19 foot throws and I wasn't dropping.  He's a really nice guy...

I made some goals~missed others...but the thing I was happiest about was when I did bomb out...I shook it off and started each event over. To be frank, I am not really good at these "high pressure" games...they get to me for all sorts of reasons.  Imagined pressure, fear of failing other people, thinking I need to meet some sort of expectation to be seen as valid~I am beginning to move through some of that finally and even at this high pressure game surrounded by all these amazing woman, I let all that crap go.  I knew something had shifted for me on the first event...Heavy Weight...I have struggled with that for a long while. On Sunday, I just threw it.  The first 2 throws were good, clean foot work and right down the center.  Tried to put more speed on the last one and guess what? Feet got tangled....ha!  I walked away laughing.

 Win or not, I got to throw with Michelle & Michele & Kim & Juli....Collectively, I think the strongest women I know. Michele & Kim were talking back squats and my jaw was on the ground...Juli has just kicked ass with training over the last year.  Michele has come so far in a year it is amazing...and the other Michelle? My queen of the caber...what can you really say about her?  Tenacious, powerful, still getting better, and funny as hell....

And the ladies I got to watch throw....yeah....

It's a cool game,  great crew of folks watching and volunteering, and and "off hand" whiffle ball contest.  I got to see some of Seattle this year year, I hope to get into the Portland games and Enumclaw and spend the week between exploring a little.

And yes,  I hit the gym today...I was in pain when I got there...but back squats and good mornings seem to have corrected my back pain.

2 more games before Scotland.....

And I am settling into the knowledge that I am in a place of gratitude...I want to throw my best and I feel like I am on track to do that...but winning is getting to travel.  To experience Scotland....and this "highlands family" of mine.

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