Thursday, July 17, 2014


So I said I would post about the one rep max stuff after I tried and well...I didn't. 

Excuses are plenty but who cares. 

To say the last week has been rough would be, well, an excuse.  To say that I have not known how to react to the things placed in my path would be more accurate. 

One of those," there is no try or try not; there is only do" things, well then I didn't.

OK   enough of the vague blogging....

numbers are easy right?


Back Squat.

45  (yes I warm up with the bar....sue me)
205  still feels kind light :)
275  hmmm ok still
315  I was nervous when I loaded this.  There were people in the gym..BJ and Sheila were close by, but I could not bring myself to ask them to watch the lifts...I am harboring some sort of guilt or shame or something and could not bear failing or something stupid.  BJ was RIGHT there so he was sneakily watching anyway is my guess. I got this which beat the PR from a few months ago by 10 pounds...I struggled with whether or not to load more...that prior 335 has been in place a long while.  so..

340  I know it's a big jump.  But except for the last, what felt like 4 inches, it felt easier than the 315.

New pr 

I have to start setting up my camera, so I can look at my form.  I did ask BJ if he saw it after I was done, he was watching...and he confirmed it was good.  10 pounds from that oddball goal of 350.  I know in reality, given how much I weigh, it really isn't that big of a lift, but I am proud of the amount of time it has taken me to get here.  I am not sure if that makes sense or not.  I am ticking away at 5 & 10 pound increases and when I don't get them, I don't give up. That's....good.  At 46 I don't know how long I have to keep pushing numbers up, but I love having the weight on my back so I hope that even if I never lift more than this 340 that I will keep squatting whatever I can.

Bench?  a 10 pound pr from two months ago 135,  Almost got the 155, but the shoulder is showing no love right now....10 pounds in two months?  Sweet.

Started the next 5 weeks of the program....speed seems to be the deal.

BackSquats  12x3  HUH?  I had to ask BJ if it was a typo.
Did them at 145....a little too light, but he also wanted speed and more speed, not to wreck myself coming dunno.  I was still feeling it at the end...
5x3  95


Clean & jerk  (you are)
5x2  I went light, I know, I know  95
Push Press 
5x3  95  These were kinda heavy...after the jerks I guess.  Trying to find the balance with the speed thing.

Need to throw today....threw Sunday...WOB and Sheaf....trying to tweak my sheaf form a bit before I get my ass kicked in Enumclaw. Seriously.

Last night...I worked on a warm up sequence to try before I throw...I've done this before, but I wanted to add some of this new weird shit BJ is forcing me to do....totally against my will I may add....I was joking with Will & BJ that 6 weeks into this programming and I haven't skipped the running I may just have to see if I can get through the whole thing and never skip the running... Just so I can say I did it.  To be fair...I am still working up to the full amount he wants me to do...but I am still out there "running"...gliding effortlessly over the pavement like a gazelle (for 50 meters).

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