Thursday, July 24, 2014


Something odd came to my attention about my behavior in the gym today.  I seem to have this habit of acting like I am trying to do the least amount of work possible.  I make fun of myself fat (which I am) and slow (only with certain things) and old (46 isn't really old) and lazy.

I realized today as I was flipping a tire that if I were a coach...I wouldn't want me for a client.

I do work hard.

I know I can't reach for the goals I have if I were REALLY trying to skip workouts, or pieces of workouts, or if I always went easy.  Maybe I do this to give myself and "out" if I fail.  Like failing isn't inevitable! I know that.  In reality...I do push myself.  Today was a really good example of that.   I worked my ass off.

This reminds me a little of the blog  wrote about using the phrase, "not bad, for a..." every time I talked about an accomplishment. 

I have worked that phrase out...perhaps it is time to stop acting like I don't work hard. 

Maybe BJ and Will put up with me because they see that I work hard regardless of the crap that comes out of my pie hole.

So...I am sorry coachy coaches if I come off like I don't want to work, or if my undercutting myself undercuts you....that's what bothers me about this the most.  I feel like I have disrespected you by disrespecting the work you put into my health and success as a thrower.  I do love to be you, by me; I do love the workouts.

Thanks again for putting up with me, your fat, sometimes slow, middle aged, strong, sometimes quick, loves to sweat, and will try anything new, client.

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