Friday, July 11, 2014

shoulders and programing notes and blurghhhhhh


Wednesday was dead lift day.  I am usually excited for deads....but at the games last weekend I sorta tweeked my.....ass.

I am still sore and my booty feels weird still.  Still does today.  poops.

Deads  5X1

Yeah it isn't a set of 5 it is 5 heavy singles.  Did these at 305.  They felt HEAVY HEAVY...well, it is sorta heavy...but not heavy enough.

Push press 5x3

Did these at 75.  So light.  But the shoulder is always a little tired, but it seems more tired this week.

Then one leg box jumps...I really struggled with these at first, but I sorta like them now AND I feel like I am a little smoother with them....not real athlete smooth, but clumsy Mona smooth.

And Dumb bell curls.  HAHAHAHA....I do these in front of a mirror, while kissing my biceps on each rep.  At 25 pounds...damn I am soooooo strong and ripped.

Yesterday was mobility~warm up~RDL~bent over rows~throwing.

LeAnn met me at the park....It was great to throw in the cool wind and to have our little gopher visitor as we threw.  I wasn't throwing super hard.  I have been a little off since getting sick from some food in Idaho. Silly tummy.  Stress and sadness has taken hold again as well.

I looked at what I have to do today and I am not happy....nope...  He is having me test my one rep on the bench and the back squat.  My shoulder feels crappy and my tummy is icky.I have to say though, I love love love what he is having me do.  I feel like my shoulders and upper back are getting stronger and more flexible.  Even though I refuse to look in the mirror, I think that there is actually a shift in "definition."  I use that term in quotes because I am not someone who gets defined....HA! good Polish Farm woman genes.

I'll let you know if I get a new max today...Yeah...right.

yeah....more like...

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