Tuesday, July 2, 2013

lifts and throws

Okie dokie..those you you who read this silly blog know I was is Colorado Springs this weekend.   I went to the Pikes Peak Celtic Festival.  I guess there used to be a Pikes Peak Festival, but it went defunct 14 years ago so some dude~ young dude~Joseph Poch got it up and running again.

First and foremost I wanna say thanks to Mark Buchanan and all the Rocky Mountain folks for their hard work and their time.  They certainly made me feel welcome and I will tell ya....I may make it part of my summer to not miss a game in Colorado. It was a cute little festival and from the outside, for a first year they seemed to have a pretty good crowd. The throwing field was a little awesome and a little weird. The main field really maximized the crowd viewing area, but the main festival wouldn't let them have either WOB or Hammer on the main when we did those events we were WAAAAAAY off in the distance, but the day was so nice, who cares.

One of the things they did was have a roving announcer....I really saw just how much this keeps the crown engaged....I think it is more important than I ever thought.  The guy announcing,  he was really good, let me say that first, BUT...he could never get my name right....I thought it was the funniest thing.  I know the last name trips people up sometimes, but at one point he didn't get my first name right...I laughed my ass off.  I really did think it was funnier than Hell, one of the other throwers though did not think it was funny.  Roger CrazyWolf finally went up to the guy to get him to say my name right....HA!  (He still struggled with Malec....but at least he got Mona right from then on!)  My favorite bit of his became the "guess what I learned from Mona today folks?  There is a New Mexico!"  I started yelling to the crowd, "no passport required!"  Anytime Jerry or I were on his radar he started it all over again. It was a hoot.

Women had 4 throwers and so the judge was asked "pause" between events.  We had such a great group of women. Cat (meow) Faline (her very first games, not her last) and Edie (a former Triathlete and she was my age!)

OK  so guess what event we started on?  Come on....

Yup WFD.


I decide to throw in cleats because of the condition of the choice I made all day.  Kept me on my toes to throw....First throw single spin...36+feet.  yup a pr on the first throw....go to the double and hit about the same...then the third?  not so much, I ended with a "ooops" instead of a yell.  Threw one 60+ light.

Stones were decent...27+ on Braemer which might be a pr.....and 32+ on each open, not pr, but consistently good(for me).

Caber was funny..hard.  They had pretty light & short sticks....but the field was wet from a down pour so you never know...I watched a bunch of people fall that day.  We skipped a caber...didn't mean to, the markings were faded, so Mark brought out this crazy caber....17+feet....but light...BUT a crazy taper. Really narrow at the bottom and a sharp expansion at the top. So when I picked it...I nearly lost it over my shoulder into the crowd...I thought as I was dancing with the damn thing...this is light, but I can't control this....pulled it as hard as I could into my belly and took off to get rid of the damn thing and I ended up turning it...wheee a 12.  I looked at my shirt..and I had clearly cleaned the caber of a years worth of dust.  HA!  I was so dirty at these games. 

There were such great people in the crowd too...people just wanted to find out who you were and share who they was great.

Sheaf was was raining.  The crowd had gathered under the music tent which was across from us, so the ladies had a captive crown for sheaf!  Later in the day, so did the A class...cause it rained again.  I only  hit 21...I am just not getting enough coil....enough pop straight up at the end.  sigh.

Pierre and I had lunch....then I drank a beer thinking I had another 45 min or so before WOB and hammer...ooops...I didn't.  Wob was...ugh  cleared 14, went up to 16 and I just don't get it.  I don't know ABQ when I was in screaming pain I know I came close to 16'2"   I should clear 16 fine. nope nope nope.

Hammer.....they use a 9 pounder in Colorado.  Hmmm. You know what?  It threw off my timing.  I really should be able to fling that, but something just felt off. 

Post games?  The coolest thing happened.

Roger CrazyWolf goes out into the crowd and gets people interested in trying the caber...the AD has them all sign waivers...and they line up and give a little instruction and the crowd gets to join in.  It was super cool to see that. A great way to get people hooked I think! 

I am so glad I went to these games...

Yesterday?  Back to lifting....gonna get my ass kicked this weekend in Idaho by my friend Laura! wheee!

Back squats and stone and Hammer practice.  Tonight I plan on throwing my new weights at the neighbors.

3x5 Started light cause my hip hurt.  95  then 135  then 185
3X3  205, 235, 255

Back up to good numbers on those 3x3.

Oh! I got my official invite to the North American Championship games AND I got official word the Frankie and Johnny is a'm scared of both of these official announcements.
I did see the doc, but I am still processing the info...and the additional changes I need to make....

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