Tuesday, July 23, 2013

yea, not what you are expecting...

I know I have started to post post games updates....but there is something way more important I wanted to share than my little experiences at the games.

I can't really post updates on facebook, 'cause Vivi won't let me...but last week Friday...Vivi started working with Shane of Miller Weightlifting.

This is Olympic style lifting not power lifting. 

Vivi has dug her heals in about doing ANYTHING physical since she quit doing Girls on the Run...and I sorta blame myself for that one...with all of my positive talk about running and all.  When she started Middle School, she said she was gonna join the track & field team...but well..that never happened.  So once her job was over...I asked her to at least try...

Shane works with a bunch of kids and I like how he interacts with them.

Now I can hear some of ya already...she's 13...she's small...weight lifting will damage her growth plates...

To that I say...Blah.

I watched her on the first day....really listen to Shane...the adjustments he gave her....and realized that she will understand how her body works and performs better than I ever will by working with him now.  I watched her yesterday fall doing a back squat...and she got right the hell back up and kept working.

Yea..shocker...I teared up over that.

Now I have no idea how long she will stay with it, but if she is anything like me, once she feels the power it gives her....well....


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