Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What is that ripping sound?

I am awesome and so are you

Loved this link to all sorts of women's Fitspo images....I too appreciate that "strong is the the new skinny" and all, but I also think that most of the images that go along with this phrase are just as unattainable for many of us as the super model image....I must say, I wish I was more computer savvy and could make one of these about myself. Might even use that new profile picture on FB.

So last night in the gym...

All sorts of warm up crap, lots of the PT shit I am doing for my neck too.....then the main part of the workout was throwing drills and Back squats.

To say the gym was packed last night would be an I was in a different spot, kinda mixed in with the epic folks from Miller Weight Lifting...such beauty... Swear I'll never move like that but I love watching it.  So I lumber in a different corner with my power lifting grunting.

135  Ah....I wish they were all this nice.
185  still nice.
225 Ok this feels heavy...I remember as I am coming up on my third that this used to be my one rep max....


255  Ah....I wish they were all this nice....(really)
305  Not too shabby....Kinda cool that I can load the bar to 300+and not freak out about it.
335 is the sticking point huh... I think it was 2 weeks ago I got a pr of 330, but I decided what the Hell, the 305 didn't feel too awful. Load it up, I swear I hear a tearing sound...Is that my shoe? No Mona~ it is your spine tearing away from your back,  get down, start to come up, dump the bar. It's sorta ok; sorta not...I think some of it is in my head just like freaking WFD, but I did start coming back up which was better than last weeks attempt at 335 when I dumped the bar at the bottom.

I realized some thing with that lift though...something that may contradict things I have said before...I needed help.  I needed a coach there or another lifter yelling to me the things that would help me get it up, the micro adjustments I was missing, the "you can do this" kind of thing I may just rely on more than I wanna admit.

So what is the protocal for this without looking like a complete douche bag?

"Hey bro, come watch me get all swole."


Asking for help has never been easy...isn't for lots of folks...especially in the gym when it looks on the outside like it's ego driven.  I mean I like getting that weight up, but I wanna be stronger...better than I was last year you know...

Oh well, the solution to this tiny problem is to switch to more cardio....stop lifting....

Today....Oooof   my friend Cody gets the perseverance award....the Crossfit workout looked especially hard today and this man just kept ticking away at this thing....would not stop for anything...cheers man! 

I worked on Cleans today...something has started to click with the form finally....the bar is ending up in the right spot at the end of the lazy back seemed to have gone away today.  When I did my singles at 125...I didn't freaking power clean them....I actually did them RIGHT....Jody Stumbo was asking me why I was going light...form form form...perhaps I am about to break though this sticky head place with the clean & jerk and go fast and low past 150....

Now about WFD....sigh......

Once it cools off tonight, if it's before the sun goes down I plan on throwing things at the neighbors. I wanna see if the drills I have been doing for stone are translating...and WFD...stupid WFD.

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