Thursday, July 25, 2013

It feels....

different this time.

This weekend I have the distinct honor of throwing at what is known as "The Claw." This is The North American Championship games in the Seattle....I don't really like flying, but I applied and I got my invitation. Gonna be a fast one too...I throw on Sunday, but I have to fly back home on Sunday.

Let's hope I make the flight!

I have been very nervous/excited by these big games....Worlds....Pleasanton....I have still had that feeling of "I don't belong here."  Somehow, someone is gonna find out I am a fraud....I am just a pudgy middle~aged goof bag dressed in a kilt who stumbled on the field.


I feel~different...yeah I am still nervous and excited, I always am before ANY game....but something happened to me during the Flagstaff games.  Can't really tell you what it was....'cause I am not really sure....but at some point....the entirety of the weekend made me feel~





Just doing my best is really enough and no one who really cares about me, or really knows me will be disappointed  (except maybe Chuck) by my throwing...they will only be disappointed if I give up on myself...or berate myself.

I am also thrilled to be at the games on Saturday.  Why? Excited to watch the women on Saturday...these are the best of the best.

~ ELlTE WOMEN - Saturday and Sunday ~
ADRlANE WlLSON, lrmo, SC   KRlSTY SCOTT, Ellensburg, WA  BETH BURTON, Chico, CA

~ WOMEN'S CLASS A - Saturday ~
ANDREA MONTAGUE* Shelton, WA   LYMAN ASAY* Pocatello, lD   ANGELA OSTLE* Farmingham, MA BETHANY OWEN* San Jose, CA   MEGAN MELHAM, Edmonton AB


The women I get to throw with?  Just as Fucking badass....  

~ MASTER WOMEN - Sunday ~
LAURlE JlNKlNS* Tacoma, WA   ERlCA HAY, Ocala, FL   JULI PETERSON, Wauwatosa, Wl   KlM DENNlS, Kelowna, BC   REGlNA WECHTER, Canby, OR MlCHELE McDANlEL, Kirkland, WA

Now, normally at this point in the blog...I say I am gonna get my ass kicked.  I think I am done with that little phrase...I have my throwing to do, my PR's to chase, my heart & asthma to keep in check, my own ass to kick thank you very much.

Flag was great. There was a HUGE group of both really great throwers and lots of newcomers.

I think part of why I feel like I walked away changed was that camaraderie and support was the main focus with this group.

I had one PR...I finally cracked 70 feet with the Heavy hammer.... The 16 Foot WOB still eludes, but my final attempt was a good throw....

I am sitting down with BJ next week to talk training...I am starting to feel better and there are things that Chuck and I are gonna work on too....

Why? So I can win? Naw...I mean, don't get me wrong, winning is fun, but throwing well?  That's more fun.

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