Tuesday, July 30, 2013

wrap up?

Not sure I have the brains yet to write about Enumclaw...

So I went back to they gym last night....Kinda worked out. Frankly, anyone would be hard pressed to call what I did a workout...

Worked on foot work for WFD, even though I did win both light and heavy (shocker) I am not throwing nearly what I know I am capable of throwing. I was watching both Adriane and Beth on the field during the event...not as they were throwing...(they are both too fast to really SEE what they do) but both of  them sorta go off to the side and----practice getting their hip around.  So, Beth comes over to me and shows me what I am doing. Physically grabs my hips and puts me in the places I AM vs. the places I should be. 

I realize I have broken up the spin in my head incorrectly and I think that is why I don't finish...I really THINK I finish, but as I have said before I really don't know what the Hell my body does.

Stupid body..

No wait...thank you body for figuring some of this out this are the BEST.

Can I tell ya something? Can I tell you what it feels like to not only get training tips from these ladies, but to hear them cheer for you when you are about to throw... holy moly.

OK back up....see the Elite Women threw both days, on Saturday with the A class, then on Sunday with the Masters.  Lucky us huh?!?

Sorry back to my lame workout last night....worked foot work....which by the way I will probably have to do every day until Pleasanton, if I wanna get that damn hip in the right spot.  Then back squats.


SUPER light.  my excuse?  My flight on Sunday had been delayed, I didn't get home til about 4AM, still had to work. So, sleepy.

Lesson?  Flying out the day you compete? NO GOOD.  I won't do that again if I can help it.  I was uber grateful to be able to watch the competition on Saturday. If I get invited back, I just have to plan for a slightly longer trip.

I can tell even when I write when I am avoiding something.

I almost didn't make it to the games.  I had what I can say has been the worst night of my life so far on Thursday before I left for the games.  I only slept about 2 hours before I had to drag ass to the Airport...can't sleep on a plane. 

On a side note, once in Enumclaw, Sarah and Michelle and I found Europa,  A German~Polish place with the most amazing owners ever...Cool people eating there too...people yelling at you from another table telling you how good the food is....I ate too much, even ate cake...I had a rough rough weekend around food.....

SOOOOOOO....Sunday....The day started cool and foggy! But guess where we start?  Yes, again, starting on HWD.  I start with a single freaking freaked out about falling down, hurting myself, throwing outside the vector lines...ugh....I am throwing off a platform so it should feel just like practicing at the gym.  But as you know my head does NOT like to play along....A woman I have not thrown with before, Juli,  and I go back and forth on this one..actually she and I go back and forth on all of the distance events...Hell on everything....Quite fun!

I squeak out a win on the Heavy weight, but not a pr...and I am frankly pretty far from the pr I threw in Colorado Springs.  I really know at this point that I am capable of throwing that bastard 40 feet...I just gotta fix the hip...and now I have a better idea thanks to Beth, how I might do that....

Stones were ok....and Light weight for distance...HEY...guess what? a pr...(4 inches) my only one of the day.

WOB has gotten into my head as badly as WFD...cluster fuck for me that I really need to repair,  BUT...I saw Kristy Scott hit 20 feet....then 20' 2"...crazy..The elite ladies were on fire on both Sheaf and WOB....amazing throws.  Thrilling really.  I told Beth she had to get 17 feet for me on WOB..she did...She told me I had to get 16 feet....I didn't.  One of the throws...had the height...I guess by a fair bit too....not sure how to fix it...

Cabers were ok....the first one was tiny and I almost threw it over my shoulder on the pick.  HA!!

Second one was fine...nothing like we had to throw in Flagstaff...geeeezzzz.  I keep forgetting to plant BOTH feet as I throw which keeps me from getting a 12.

Sheaf...grr....I took the event, but I didn't really deserve to....couldn't clear 21...sigh...I've done it before...

Hammer....felt good, but I am holding on too long so 3 of my throws were outside the vector....still won that with an 81 I think.

Over all, I am getting closer to the numbers I was throwing at the beginning of the year....before this "heart" crap happened.  The numbers for the year are not gonna be what I had hoped, but I am feeling better....I was less paranoid about my pulse during these games than I have been all freaking year.  Time to tweak some training...

These were really great games... great many volunteers.  I am thrilled that I get to watch many of these same ladies throw in a month in Pleasanton.  I hope I don't  disappoint Beth again...I'm kidding of course.  I don't want to disappoint myself by undercutting what I can do~how I can prepare. 

Hum, that's sorta new for me isn't it?

I also really hope I get invited back next year!

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