Monday, April 29, 2013

lazy girl

Wednesday, I did a bunch of work on my foot work for WFD...for which I have a sticky place in my head.  I was watching Doc Baker practice on Sunday and I was just watching his feet...he was super fast, springy, almost dance like. Made me realize I am plodding thought the foot work.  I take the right steps...there is just no flair!

While I was in Deming I watched videos....Not gonna write about Deming yet...too...siiiigh. 

Did a bunch of cleans too.

Oh...I was sorta lazy at the gym.

Little sheaf...a little bit of light speedy hang cleans then back extensions and good mornings.

I was watching the rest of the class work...

Overhead squats & burpees.

I was over in my favorite corner...and Eva & Kori were near me.

Can I just say how much these two women inspire me?

Kori~running goddess and vegetarian puts up with all of us meat eating goobers....she trains so fantasticly hard for races that would surely kill me...and she is working her butt off (or on as happens with squatting) to get better at lifting every single time I see her in the gym.  Hats off beautiful. You and I could not be further apart on whatever athlete scale some one has laying around a gym somewhere....but damn you motivate me. Just not to be better.

And Eva~Tenacity is the word that pops into my tiny little brain when I watch her working out.  Every time I see here...she is coming in with her TODDLER TWINS!  Yes people...she makes the commitment to herself and to those kids to her health.  I am so impressed...I know it was not something I was willing to do when mine were little and she is kicking burpee butt with her sweet little cheerleaders giggling and rooting for her.

I could write more about feeling sorry for myself about not getting to any games this month or how I have been up 3 nights in a row with a racing heart....but I'd rather think about Kori and Eva kicking my butt~motivating me to do what I can and to just be the best I can right in this moment.

Thanks Ladies....

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  1. They ARE motivational! But so are you. You are a shining light in our wonderful little box.