Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Saw this on my friend Rick Jones' Facebook page...I kinda like it..... the last test back and the good news is it is "normal." Long term...that is really good has been an extremely frustrating month or so since the first incident, but I know I am lucky lucky lucky to only be having heart trouble related to stress and likely my lovely menopause.

A huge shout out too all of my friends (and coaches who are my friends) who have endured my whining...both virtual and in person. I obviously have work to do to keep the heart from racing....and to work my way through this physical and emotional transition....I know I haven't been very pleasant lately....

In the spirit of making fun of is a conversation I had with myself last week.

M: oh no, my chest kinda hurts, that's new..I don't like it.

m: calm down...have some tea.

M: It's not working...oh no, my arm hurts too...

m: ok ok...what did you do today that was different?

M: nothing...

m: come on..think...what did you do in the gym today?

M: oh...

m: what?

M: I did presses today...kinda heavy.

m: shoulder presses? sigh...what else?

M: cleans....

m: ah cleans and shoulder presses...imagine that and now your chest hurts huh?

M: Can I just go back to deadlifts?

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