Wednesday, November 14, 2012

updated goo

Best news from the teaching front?  Wendy, the "real" teacher told me there were no complaints from either students or parents!  Yippie! 

Have had 2 Crossfit workouts this week and I am having trouble both lifting my arms and getting up from a chair.  Tuesdays workout made me class..."who does this...I hate crossfit."  I don't really mean it....I just felt it right there in that moment.


Complete 5 rounds:

11 One DB Snatch 35
12 One DB Thruster 35
11 Pull Ups w/ the DB 35...No weights for me on this....The pull ups were the hardest part of the workout.  I love Dumb bell Snatches....they make me happy happy, and I bet they are good for throwing.


Clean & Jerk @ 70-80% of 1RM
Every 30 sec for 15 minutes

Then 3X15 Romanian Dead lifts
         3X15 Weighted Sit ups

I used 115...Now I have done this sort of workout with one lift at the top of each minute...but NOT every 30 seconds. about 6 minutes, I told Sarah...I was DONE...there was no way in hell I could finish this.  At about 9:30...I thought...OK, finish it.

Honestly...I was a HUGE baby about the workout. Oh well. 

I also spoke with BJ about what comes next.....ZIA is offering a strength training program starting after Thanksgiving.  Similar, but not exact to the program I recently finished.  It will have a "power WOD" it isn't just lifting.  BJ said that the goals for this particular program are Strength...Power...Speed, just what I need for throwing. But I wasn't sure about it for me.. he and I had a great conversation...I am beginning to understand the process of long term training~piece by piece thanks to BJ.  I will do this 12 week program as well....with some significant changes to it to prepare me for the games in May. 

I am excited for the other folks in the gym who are willing to give it a try...Happy too that I won't be lifting alone! 

I am hoping to stay more positive this time...less whining...more lifting....less ego...more flexibility...
This programming takes us to mid February...Just in time for me to kick up the throwing...BJ also suggested that, at that point...we shift to Olympic lifts....speed....speed...speed.

I have an updated list of games I am looking at...with dates!  I still owe myself that crazy list of goals for next year.  Thinking I need to examine how far I came this year before I set goals for next...maybe not...maybe I just put those crazy numbers out there as a matter what I  did last year...I already know my main goal and it has absolutely nothing to do with numbers....consistency...I don't mind having a bad day, but I do mind when my form completely falls apart for no reason.  I realize that much of this will come with time...simply putting in the number of throws, the hours at the trig, the time in the boots! I am still a novice...gotta put in the time to get consistent.

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