Monday, November 12, 2012

fearful, saying yes anyway

Craptacular weekend....many many reasons.

ALL of them first world problems....but annoying  anyway.

We are living out of coolers...stupid fridge finally crapped was always a 6 years we had to have it serviced twice.  6 years?  dammit....they are supposed to last 20 years right? HA~

My neck had a terrific flare up on Saturday.

I cannot seem to eat anything decent.

~good stuff~

I plan on wrecking myself at the gym today after a week of rest....Yeah Zia!

I said yes to something... I am gonna do another weightlifting competition.

Yeah....quit your laughing...

It is a sanctioned meet, but since I am a novice...I won't have to wear the special sexy singlet.

I am not sure why I said yes...especially since my Olympic lifts have gone to crap...but I did.  When I hear that voice~often tiny~that says, "come on try," I know I need to listen....even if I did try to silence the voice with cupcakes this weekend.

It it very soon, which is great....that way I won't have time to obsess.

Last good thing?  look at this....

Zia Page

How cool is that?  geez these guys treat me better than I deserve....thanks.

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